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SIU discovers that Lindsay police officers have "legally justified" the use of Taser guns for arrest

Ontario'sSpecial Investigation Unitis afterKawartha Lakes City Police Servicepolice officers firedirected-energy weapons., orTaser, who states they did not commit a criminal offense, assist in the March 2022 arrest.

In hisreportreleased on Tuesday,SIUDirector Joseph Martino said around 7:30 pm. On March 7, two city police responded to a 911 call from a woman regarding thedomestic incidentin Lindsey, Ontario.

The dispatch reported hearing the man yelling at the woman and swearing, and the telephone line was cut, Martino's report said. After the contact was reestablished, the dispatch also reported the sound of glass breaking.

Martino said his husband took the policeman home and went upstairs to talk to his wife. However, Martino says the man was angry because he didn't take off his boots before the policeman went upstairs.

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"He probably tried to climb the stairs to confront the police officers about the situation, but was stopped by other police officers." Martino reported. "The man was said to have pushed the police out of the way and was arrested for the assault."

Martino says he refused to comply with the request he looked back on. As a result, police officers fired CEW, Martino said.

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Martino says he fell after a man hit the floor and suffered a fracture of his left clavicle. Stated.

After the investigation, Martino found the nature of the 911 report, the damaged property (broken vase) and the drunken petitioner, and the police officers were concerned about new hostilities. There was a reason to worry, he said, "it was within his range." He has the right to temporarily block the man's path. "

"Then, when the petitioner responded by pushing the policeman, the subject policeman had reason to arrest him for assault," Martino concluded.

He stated that the use of CEW was "legally justified".

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"Police officers physically challenge the petitioner's arrest for the physical interaction that has just happened, the complainant's war and addiction, and the refusal to look back as directed. I could reasonably expect that, "Martino said.

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"In this record, the officer in question is eligible to sue hisCEW. If successful, deploying the weapon temporarily immobilizes the claimant and neutralizes the risk of violent physical changes. In fact, that has happened. "

Martino said it was "sorry" that the man was injured, but there was no rational reason to "believe that police had illegally comforted themselves to resort to weapons."

"Therefore, in this case, there was no basis for proceeding with the criminal accusation. The file was closed," he concluded.

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