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Mackay: Canada's James Xiao is a Chinese political prisoner

China's President Xi Jinping gives a speech following a swearing-in ceremony to inaugurate the city's new leader and government in Hong Kong, Friday, July 1, 2022, on the 25th anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China.
Chinese President Xi Jinping 2022 On Friday, July 1, 2014, a speech following a pledge to launch a new city leader and government in Hong Kong to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the city's delivery from the United Kingdom to China. Getty ImagesPhoto: SELIM CHTAYTI / POOL / AFP/Getty Images

Canadians said "two people" There are "Michael's", relief in the resolution of Mr. Kobrig's and Mr. Spaver's illegal detention, and another, longer-term, but lesser-known arbitrary detention of Canadian citizens in China.

Canadian businessman James Xiao was abducted from a hotel room in Hong Kong on January 27, 2017 by a Chinese Communist Party suspect. As of July 1, 2022, he had been detained in China for 1,981 days. This is almost twice as long as the 1,019 days when two Canadian Michaels were detained by the same government. According to international media reports, Xiao's trial is imminent.

Of course, as in all countries, some have been legally arrested for illegal activity in China. However, there are people who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained by the Chinese Communist Party government, just like the two Michaels, for political reasons alone. Their political scope does not respect restrictions or state boundaries, not to mention the similarity of complete answers in the rule of law, human rights, or defense. This is clearly demonstrated by the kidnapping of Xiao.

Xiao is a political prisoner and must be made clear to everyone that he is pure and simple. In all cases, even if they come, the accusation is structured and false, as was the case with the two Michaels. The trial will be a confident show trial. Xiao has no true justice, as did not have two Michaels.

The Chinese Communist Party administration controls all aspects of the judicial system, police, courts, media and criminal system. Everyone, including political prisoners, is portrayed in the darkest possible light and as the worst hard-line criminal.

Canadian citizen Xiao is unique in that he is a powerful political pawn in the bloody war that President Xi Jinping fought against opposing factions. He was kidnapped and imprisoned, driving Xi's political opponents into silence and obedience.

As we understand in the West, there is no due process. He does not enjoy access to the consulate. He is virtually free detention and has access to consular services and basic rights that we are familiar with in the west.

The wise man of the world was a legitimate businessman who could no longer be seen as anything but a tragic political pawn. In his case, repeating the false story about him in our Western press is equivalent to doing a dirty job and betting on their human rights abuses and crimes by the Communist Party.

Serious efforts are underway to protect his home Canadian agency from negative foreign actors, but 123 are currently detained in China. Canadians are not so much.

To our honor, in February 2021, Canada established international support with 67 other countries on a joint declaration of arbitrary detention. It was hoped that this would make China aware that it could not escape the practice of arbitrary detention. But nevertheless, Xiao's unjust arrest and detention continue to lead to an uncertain future. Like all such prisoners, this is very annoying and difficult for his family in Canada.

The Federal Government of Canada can and should do much more to protect citizens suffering from this situation. They need to appoint a special envoy or ambassador, especially to deal with Chinese political prisoners. In addition, we need to gather support from OECD partners such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other signatories of the Declaration to issue an official statement warning China.

Arbitrary detention has a chilling effect on trade, so we need to clarify the message that China will be isolated not only politically but also commercially. Sanctions such as those seen in Russia can affect over time.

Arbitrary arrests such as detention of Xiao and others are violations of international human rights law, including Article 9 (1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The same is true of the lack of access to consular support that violates the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

カナダの宣言は、67の世界的な支持者に加えて、国連人権理事会や恣意的拘禁に関する国連作業部会などの関連する国連機関、および元国連Supported by. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Political prisoners like Xiao and 123 others demand that fellow citizens know their story. The federal government needs to do everything within its authority so that he can gain justice. This is not appropriate for all Canadian citizens.

The prestigious Peter MacKay PC QC, who served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of Defense, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada under Prime Minister Harper, is a lawyer and active at Integrity Initiatives International. ..

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