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Michigan school shooting suspect may testify in involuntary manslaughter of parents

A lawyer representing the parents of a teenager in Michigan was charged with shooting inhigh schooland said four students died on Monday. trial.

Defendant lawyer Shannon Smith told Oakland County Patrol Judge Cheryl MatthewsEthan Cranby'stestimony to Oxford High School on November 30. He said it was related to "external problems" rather than shooting at.

"I need him as a witness to this trial," said Smith, on behalf of Jennifer Cranby. "I have a specific question that we can't ask. We understand it."

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Smith didn't say what kind of question to ask Asked about Ethan Cranby .. Later, when she was asked for details by the Associated Press, she declined to comment.

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A message asking for comment was also left to the 16-year-old lawyer.

This disclosure was made during a court hearing in Pontiac, and Matthews changed the venue for the involuntary mansions of James and Jennifer Cranby, scheduled to begin tentatively in late October. I opposed the defense's allegations.

Matthews upheld the couple's claim that some evidence, such as their home condition, was not found in court. Matthews said he would allow the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office to present a statement in her son's diary, a text message to a friend, and an internet search.

Parents of a Michigan school shooting suspect accused of unwilling slaughter – December 3, 2021

Teacher The other seven, including, also fired about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Detroit.

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Ethan Crumbley faces murder and other sins. His trial is scheduled to begin in January. His parents were accused of not being able to keep the gun used for the shooting safe at home and not being able to reasonably care for his son when he showed signs of mental distress. I am. They pleaded not guilty.

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Parents were arrested in the basement of a Detroit building after searching the couple all day long.. He was charged and ran away.

Matthews said on Monday that he was wondering if his son would be called to testify.

Prosecutor Karen McDonald asked in court, "Do they want to call on their son to somehow reduce and emphasize his role rather than his parents?"

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However, the testimony that Smith said he called him "does not want the defendant to throw his son under the bus or make him look bad." "This is about the client defending the proceedings," Smith added.

David Moran, a law professor at the University of Michigan Law School, said Smith's proposal was unusual.

"I've never heard of it," he said. "If I represent the defendant in a murder case, I certainly do not agree with the co-defendant who testifies in the relevant case. I strongly advise the client on it, but (but) It's the client's right. "

Defendant lawyers may want Ethan Cranby to testify about his relationship with his parents, although he may try to limit his testimony. The other side said he could ask a wider range of questions related to the immediate incident.

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"I don't think it would prevent the prosecution from asking him what happened (shooting day). "He said. ..

Williams reported from West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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