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Mining firm says Nova Scotia has approved a bid to pull up a tailings dam at a gold mine

Nova Scotia's Touquoy Gold Mine owner says he has received approval from the state's Department of Environment to raise the walls of an existing tailings dump pond. I'm here.

Australia-based St. He Barbara's proposal to raise the tailings wall has been opposed by environmental groups such asEcology Action Center, expressing concern. About the possibility of a dam burst.

St Barbara said a change in industrial permits will allow construction to proceed "in the coming weeks."

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It said it had to suspend its open pit mining operations in Moose River, South Wales.

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Company CEO Craig Jetson said the results are the result of improved "coordination and communication" with state and federal governments.

No comments were received from the Environment Department.

"We hope to continue to develop new collaborative approaches with the government that helped us issue today's permits," he said.

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In May, Environment Minister Tim Hullman gave Atlantic Mining Nova Scotia, a Canadian subsidiary of St. Barbara, one year to submit details about its gold. . The environmental impact of another application of storing Touquoy tailings in open pits once mining is complete.

St Barbara says he wants to develop three other proposed gold mines nearby, which are currently in various stages of the regulatory process.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 10, 2022.

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