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Are you scared of Monday or is it a magical Monday? Work four days a week in a tough labor market

Instead of "Monday's scary", mobile game developer SquareEnix Montreal employees have "magic Monday".

During the COVID-19 outbreak, companies inevitably startedfour-day working week, but now growing companies are fiercely competitive. There remain policies to help retain workers in the labor market. ..

"It started a year and a half ago and was aimed at helping employees cope with stress. Work-life balance in new situations of working from home, homeschooling and working from home. SQUARE ENIX Executive Producer Natalie Gautier tells Global News that

5 days a week work still means Experts say it's time to rethink it – August 7, 2021

"Magic Monday" without reducing rewards , Give employees vacation every other Monday. During Monday hours, the policy requires that all meetings be minimized in order to maximize productivity without distraction.

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"People love it so much that we decided to make it permanent. "Gautier explains. "It's definitely a bonus in terms of retaining and acquiring talent."

Square Enix has grown from 50 to 150 in three years I did. Gautier recognizes this particular perk.

"It's also a way to put your money where your mouth is. We say that the company always puts employees first, but to make that happen. It's a very specific means of doing things, "she said.

Canada's tough labor market has sparked a war over talent and supporters of four-day working hours a week, from private companies to local governments and politicians. She says this is an important tool for retaining and attracting workers. Companies in a variety of industries are committed to hiring and retaining employees with record unemployment rates and an unprecedented number of jobs. The high burnout caused by the pandemic and the Great Rethinkalso encourages many to quit their current role or job market altogether.

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This is a weekly workforce gaining momentum this month as 3,300 workers embarked on 70 companies across the UK. It follows the global trend towards time savings or savings. The pilot will test the working hours for 4 days for 6 months. In particular, this type of trial is considered to be the largest in the world and does not include wage cuts, but includes various sectors such as retail, software and financial services.

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Zora's Successful Experiment

A four-day working week follows a successful eight-month pilot in late 2021. It was unanimously greened by the council of the town of Zorra in southwestern Ontario. .. Researchers at universities in the West and York tracked the project, and as with the large-scale trials in Iceland from 2015 to 2019, productivity was the same or higher, workers and they serviced. We found that the satisfaction of the clients we provided was high.

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At the time, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Local Government Program at Western University, Joseph Lions said: It states as follows. Organizations with good culture and strong leadership are likely to be innovative.

Trend Story

A survey of towns in eastern London, Ontario, is one of the largest four-day weekly labor exams in the public sector. It was one. In Canada. Thirty employees from the city of Zora participated, working 10 hours a day, either Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday.

Zorra's Chief Administrative Officer, Don MacLeod, said he continues to call "weekly" about projects from local governments and private companies across British Columbia. To Ontario.

Weapons of War for Talent

"That extra day means a world of difference. More relaxed at work. I found an atmosphere that was more active. People seem to be more actively involved and our workforce seems to be happier, "he said.

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MacLeod says that compressed working hours attract and maintain senior and junior employees alike. Said it was important.

"We are now asking about how difficult it is to hire senior employees. This is another way to not only hire in the toolbox, but to retain key staff members. I felt it was a tool, "he said.

"Now there are young staff who say they won't go anywhere else that doesn't work four days a week."

MacLeod is on Mondays off, usually He said he takes his older father to medical appointments, finishes his errands, plays golf in the summer, and enjoys extra downtime.

The Ontario Regional Studies Pilot Project studies the benefits and challenges of working four days a week – July 7, 2021

Compressed Labor Week Not for Everyone

Two NDP and Liberal Party during preparations for this year's Ontario elections Major political parties promised a campaign to put four working weeks on the table as part of them. Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford has been reelected and his position is that it is best to leave scheduling to the private sector.

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Macleod, compressed weekly hours do not apply to all sectors, all types of employees I admit that there isn't. Zorra's 4-day weekday mode does not apply to all departments throughout the year. Public Works staff has a nine-day schedule from the second Friday of April to October to spring, summer and autumn. However, if there is a possibility of snow, it will return to the normal schedule for 5 months.

"We couldn't make it all in one size, but we adjusted it for each department," he said.

Flexibility is important, and common sense is important.

Canadian Township Approves Work 4 Days A Week – December 26, 2021

Every weekend is a long weekend

According to a recent survey of Square Enix Montreal employees, most people spend three days every two weeks with extra days, not just Saturday and Sunday. I am expanding my errands. However, others tell the company that relaxing is invaluable in terms of mental health and wellness.

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"Play video games and do DIY projects," Gauthier said. "Very, very grateful."

She is one important thing implemented to ensure the continued success of Magic Monday. The policy is to adjust the production calendar to reflect the compressed working weeks. This eliminates the burden of employees' full-time production schedules.

"It would have been counterproductive to stress employees to compensate for production," Gautier said.

She knows directly what a four-day weekly game changer is, especially for working parents who were disproportionately affected during the blockade of COVID-19.

"As a mother of three, balancing work and life definitely helped me. Extra to do something for my family or spend time with a girl. Will be given a day, "she said.

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