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Mother who killed daughter last year found not criminally responsible

The daughter who survived sleeps with her sister's comforter and still says goodnight to her deceased sibling before going to sleep.

Scales of justice.

A woman who killed her 11-year-old daughter and nearly killed her younger girl shortly after the pandemic began last year has been declared not criminally responsible for her actions.

Superior Court Justice Myriam Lachance made the decision at the Montreal courthouse on Friday after having heard evidence from two psychiatrists who determined the woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, was suffering from a psychosis when she stabbed her daughters on April 25, 2020.

The judge ordered that the woman remain detained at the same psychiatric hospital — located outside of Montreal — that she began being treated at in May 2020, shortly after she was arrested. She will remain detained until a tribunal determines she is well enough to leave. The judge also ordered that the woman not be allowed to contact her younger daughter until she turns 18, unless authorized to do so through another court.

The 35-year-old woman was scheduled to have a trial by jury during the first week of October — on charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder — but lawyers from both sides of the case asked Lachance to consider the opinions of the two psychiatrists who evaluated her. One of the psychiatrists, Gilles Chamberland, was asked by the Crown to evaluate the woman just days before the trial was scheduled to start.

He determined she was already suffering from psychosis weeks before she stabbed her daughters. He testified that, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, the woman was forced to stay home from work and was removed from a routine that had grounded her. While left with nothing to do at home, the psychiatrist said, the woman’s mental health worsened.

She attacked her daughters inside her former spouse’s apartment in Villeray after he rejected her request that they become a couple again.

In a written statement entered as evidence in the case this week, the father wrote his 11-year-old girl loved school, had a lot of friends and dreamed of becoming a police officer before she was killed. He also said his younger daughter often wakes up at night in tears because of nightmares. She sleeps with her sister’s comforter and still says goodnight to her deceased sibling before going to sleep. The girl, who was five at the time, is now struggling in school.

Lachance said the psychiatrists’ opinions showed “at the moment of the acts she is accused of, (the woman) was overtaken by mental health problems that rendered her unable to distinguish good from harm. By consequence of the evidence analyzed, the court finds her not criminally responsible as defined (by the Criminal Code).”