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Motor Race-Hamilton Defends "Stop Oil" Protesters at British GP

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SILVERSTONE — Lewis Hamilton Defended a group of "just stop oil" protesters who broke into the Silverstone truck at the British Grand Prix on Sunday, but said F1 and Ferrari race winner Carlos Sainz endangered his drivers and their lives. rice field.

Protesters ran to the track after a massive opening lap crash stopped the race, but while the car was still circulating.

Formula One head Stefano Domenicali said they were "totally stupid."

"You can protest as you like, it's free to speak — but this is really something ... ridiculous, this is the smallest I can say." The Italian told Sky Sports TV.

British police have previously stated that they have credible information about plans to disrupt race.

"I don't know the purpose of the protest," Hamilton, a seven-time world champion who finished third in Mercedes, told reporters after first saying "make them bigger." ..

"People love fighting for the planet and need more people like them."

Sainz, they are running towards him At first he said he thought the race had been red-flagged because of their actions.

"People obviously need to speak out and manifest wherever they like, because that's right," the Spaniards said.

"I don't think jumping into an F1 truck is the best way to do that and endanger yourself and all other drivers."

Mercedes, sponsored by oil company Petronas and chemical giant Ineos, later said Hamilton was not fully aware of the situation.

"Lewis upheld the right to protest, but jeopardized the safety of them and others, not the method they chose."


About 142,000 spectators come down to the circuit, which is about 90 minutes away from London. This race is one of the highlights of British summer sports and has attracted protesters in the past.

Two years ago, police arrested four people at the British Grand Prix after protesters displayed the banner of the climate change group Extinction Rebellion.

The COVID-19 pandemic closed the race to the spectators.

In 2003, Silverstone was one of F1's most bizarre and notorious protest scenes when a quilted man shook a banner and ran to a truck. "Read the Bible. The Bible is always correct." (Report by Steve Keating / Alan Baldwin at Silverstone, edited by Ed Osmond, Ken Feliz, Claire Fallon)