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MSNBC Appoints Alex Wagner as 4 Nights Prime Time Anchor

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New York (AP) — MSNBC will appoint Alex Wagner on Monday to fill Rachel Madow's time slot four nights a week. , We have solidified the lineup of prime time. Tuesday to Friday.

Wagner, who worked for CBS News, co-host of Showtime's "The Circus" and editor at The Atlantic, is on his second mission at MSNBC. She rejoined MSNBC in February after hosting a show on the network 10 years ago.

Madou will continue to work at 9 pm. According to MSNBC, the eastern time zone on Monday night.

"I am honored to be able to fix a significant time on television at a time that is very important to American democracy," Wagner said.

This is an important move for the liberal news network and its president, Rashida Jones. Madou was MSNBC's most popular figure, and her decision earlier this year to withdraw from the weekday night show, which was the cornerstone of the network's schedule, was a blow.

She went to a schedule only on Monday, so the time was full of submarines, but the nightly show kept her name. Occasionally, during the big news week, Madou was broadcast more often.

Wagner, a first-generation Asian-American whose mother moved from Myanmar to the United States, describes her experience as "Future Face: Family Mystery, Spectacular Exploration, and Secrets of Attribution." I wrote a book.

In addition to the Atlantic, she is also an economic reporter for HuffPost and a White House correspondent for Politics Daily at AOL. She was the editor-in-chief of the culture-oriented magazine The Fader and the executive director of an advocacy group aimed at stopping massive atrocities.

"Her unique perspective built on more than 20 years of journalism and tenacious reports in the United States and abroad help viewers contextualize what's important." Jones says.

Wagner's new show will premiere on August 16th. The continuous rotation of the anchor is filled at 9 pm. Until then 1 hour.

Meanwhile, CNN is still trying to fill 9 pm. After Chris Kuomo's dismissal, she regularly goes to the eastern time slot.