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New York banned guns in many public places after the Supreme Court ruling

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New York — New York State Passed a law banning guns from many public places, including Times Square, on Friday, requiring gun licensees to prove their shooting ability and submit a social media account for review. did.

The law, passed by the emergency legislative session, was enforced by a groundbreaking US Supreme Court ruling last week that revoked New York's restrictive gun licensing law. For the first time, a conservative majority of courts have decided that the US Constitution gives individuals the right to carry weapons in public for self-defense.

New York Democratic leaders have accused the ruling and courts of increasing gun violence as more people have guns.

They acknowledged that the state's 100-year-old permit system must be relaxed in order to comply with the ruling, but maintain as many restrictions as possible in the name of public security. I tried. Some may be subject to further legal challenges.

The court ruled that New York's previous licensing system, dating back to 1911, gave authorities excessive discretion to deny permits.

Democratic Governor Kathy Hokul, who ordered an extraordinary meeting in the state parliament, said New York's gun mortality rate was the fifth of the 50 states in the United States due to state gun approval regulations. Said it was low.

"Our state will continue to protect New Yorkers from harm despite this retreat from the Supreme Court," she said at a press conference in the capital city of Albany. Told. Discuss the bill. "They may think that pen strokes can change our lives, but we also have pens."

A court ruling states that people are "sensitive" to certain people. He admitted that he could be banned from carrying weapons in "places", but warned lawmakers of the widespread application of the label.

The court also made it easier for the Progan Group to overturn the regulation. Weapons regulations have been ratified by the State's Ratification of the US Constitutional Amendment, Article 2,」の18世紀頃の種類の規制と類似していない場合、違憲である可能性が高いと判断しました。, which defines the right to maintain and bear the right to keep and bear the militia.

By law passed on Friday, government buildings, medical facilities, prayers, libraries, playgrounds, parks, zoos, schools, universities, summer camps, addiction support centers, homeless people Shelter, nursing home, public transport including New York City subway, places where alcohol and marijuana are consumed, places such as museums, theaters, stadiums, playgrounds and Times Square.

Republican lawmakers complained that the law, which will come into force on September 1, will reduce the right to carry weapons more than other constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and religion.

"This will make it easier to get a hidden carry license," Republican Rep. Mike Laura said in a debate. "But you can't carry it anywhere."


The National Rifle Association has a local affiliate in a Supreme Court proceeding. A powerful gunowner rights group that was the main plaintiff and is called New. York's law is a "serious breach" of the ruling by increasing the barriers to New Yorker's right to self-defense, indicating that it may soon face legal problems.

"Gov. Her anti-second amendment allies of Hoffle and Albany opposed the United States Supreme Court with a deliberately malicious rewrite of New York's hidden carry law," said Darling, New York NRA Governor.・ Horns said in a statement.

The court is a New York rifle&Pistol Association v Brune, where New York licensing authorities have a lot of subjective discretion as to who can enjoy what they say is a constitutional right. I ruled that it was too much. The applicant was denied concealment permission if he was unable to convince an employee to carry a pistol for self-defense for "just cause" or for some special reason.

Reluctantly, and without protest, Hochul agreed that the state must remove the "just cause" requirement.

The proposed licensing rules require the applicant to interview the licensee (usually a judge or police officer) and provide contact details for relatives and adults living with them. I have. ..

The law makes it a felony to bring a gun to a private business unless the company actively announces that it welcomes hidden weapons.

(Report by Jonathan Allen, New York, edited by Chris Reese, Daniel Wallis, William Mallard)