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Shooting in Norway: 2 dead and 10 injured on suspicion of terrorist attack at nightclub in Oslo

Gunmanfired in the nightlife district of Oslo early Saturday, police are investigating a possible terrorist attack in the Norwegian capital 2 People died and 10 were seriously injured. The annual pride festival.

Investigators said the suspect, originally identified as a 42-year-old Norwegian citizen from Iran, was arrested after firing in three locations downtown Oslo.

The motive was unknown, but the organizers of Oslo Pride canceled the parade set on Saturday as the highlight of the week-long festival. One of the shootings took place outside the London Pub, a popular bar in the city's LGBTQ community, hours before the parade began.

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Police lawyer, Christian Hatro was held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, and terrorism based on the number of suspects who targeted multiple locations.

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"Our overall rating is grounds for believing that he wants to cause serious fear of the population. There is, "said Hatro.

Hatro said the suspect's mental health was also being investigated.

"If he has a medical history, he needs to look up his medical history, which is not what we know now," he said.

The shooting took place around 1 am local time, with panicked delights fleeing the streets and trying to hide from the shooters.

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Norwegian public broadcaster journalist Olav Roenneberg NRK said he had witnessed the shooting.

"I saw a man arrive at the scene with a bag. He picked up his weapon and started shooting," Roenneberg told NRK. "At first I thought it was an airsoft gun, then the glass in the bar next door shattered and I realized I had to run for the cover."

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Another witness, Marcus Nibakken, 46, said he was warned of the incident by the turmoil in the area.

"When I stepped into Cesar's bar, a lot of people started running and there were a lot of screams. I thought it was a fight there, so I pulled it out, but it was a shooting. I heard that some people were shooting with submachine guns, "Nybakken told Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

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Tore Soldal, an assistant police officer, killed two of the shooting victims and seriously injured 10 He said he was being treated, but they were believed to be life-threatening.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said in a Facebook post, "Tonight's shooting outside the London pub in Oslo was a cruel and shocking attack on innocent people."

He said the shooting caused fear and sadness in the LGBTQ community, although the motivation is unknown.

"We are all by your side," writes Gahr Stoere.

Harald V also condolences, saying that he and the Norwegian royal family were "feared by the tragedy of the shooting at night."

"We sympathize with and influence all our relatives and now send warm thoughts to all who are scared, restless and sad," the Norwegian monarch said in a statement. I did. "We must work together to protect the values ​​of freedom, diversity and respect for each other. We must continue to stand in peace for all."

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, told the Norwegian newspaper VG that he hid on the fourth floor in groups of about 10 until he was told it was safe to appear. ..

"Many people were afraid of their lives," he said. "Several injuries were injured on the way home, so I knew something serious had happened."

Norwegian broadcaster TV2 panicked in the background with shots. I showed the images of people running on the streets of Oslo in the state.

Investigators said the suspect was known to police and Norwegian security police, but not to serious violent crimes. His criminal record included drug and weapons crimes against having a knife, Hatro said.

Hatro said police seized two weapons, a pistol and an automatic weapon, after the attack. Neither said it was "not modern" without giving details.

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He said the suspect did not say anything to the police and was in contact with his defense counsel.

Hatro said it was premature to say whether the shooters specifically targeted members of the LGBTQ community.

"We have to scrutinize it, we still don't know," he said.

Still, police advised the organizers of the Pride Festival to cancel the Saturday parade.

"Therefore, Oslo Pride encourages everyone planning to attend or watch the parade not to show up. All events related to Oslo Pride will be cancelled." Said the organizer on the official Facebook page of the event.

Inge Alexander Jestvan, leader of the FRI, a Norwegian organization for sexuality and sexual diversity, said the shootings rocked the gay community in the Nordic countries.

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"It's a strange move that's hard to experience this," he was reportedly told by TV2. "We encourage everyone to stand together and take care of each other. We will come back later and be proud and visible, but it's not the time now."

Norway has a relatively low crime rate, but has experienced violent attacks by right-wing militants. This was the worst mass shooting in Europe in 2011, killing 69 people after departure on Utoya. Eight people were killed in the Oslo bomb.

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In 2019, another right-wing extremist killed her sister-in-law and fired at a mosque, but was injured. I was overwhelmed before the person came out.

— Karl Ritter of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany and Jaritaner of Helsinki contributed to this report.

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