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Nova Scotia Health refers to Halifax ER's "very large" volume complete waiting room

Nova Scotia Health warns people that they are experiencing a "very high" number of patients in the emergency room of the Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Center in Halifax.

In fact, anyone who accompanies someone in the QEII emergency room is asked not to wait with them, health officials said in a tweet late Monday afternoon. rice field.

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"Our waiting room is full to see new patients while we continue, so people who accompany emergency patients should be with them unless it is essential to their care. Please don't wait, "said the tweet.

Residents are asked to leave their seats for patients who need it.

"As always, patients are examined according to their triage level," NSH wrote. "Unfortunately, patients can expect to wait a long time for treatment. We apologize for these conditions."

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In Halifax's QEII Emergency Department, the number of patients is very large and the capacity is limited while inpatients are waiting to be transferred to other patients. Area in the hospital. 1/4

— Nova Scotia Health (@HealthNS)July 4, 2022

Notice on the same day announced by the state Will be done in. This weekremove all remaining COVID-19 restrictions. As of Wednesday, quarantine of people who test positive for the virus will move from mandatory to "highly recommended."

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The test criteria will also be stricter. People who are asymptomatic will not be tested, and people who have symptoms but are in the low-risk category will only have access to rapid testing.

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Due to labor shortages in the medical sector and interruptions in COVID-related work, the emergency room was closed and long wait times occurred throughout the coastal states.

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In Nova Scotia, state nurses demand action to deal with the chronic shortage of staff COVID-19Worse due to a pandemic. According to Nova Scotia Nurse Union, Registered Nurse has a vacancy of about 1,400 and associate nurses have 250 spots.

Healthcare pressure "complex"

Medical officer Robert when asked if lifting restrictions on Monday would increase infections and further burden the healthcare system Dr. Strang does not expect it to have a significant impact on "itself."

"We are paying attention to the fact that other states are beginning to see all sorts of surges from these latest variants B.A. 4 and 5". He said.

"The pressure on our hospitals and emergency departments is complex and multifactorial. COVID is just one of them. But we certainly have a COVID response in it. We are aware of the role we play. ”

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state announcement. rice field.

"When most of the restrictions were lifted in March, demand for walk-in clinics, emergency departments and hospitals increased," Susan LeBlanc said in a statement.

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"Today, people bring a lawn chair to wait for the emergency medical care they need, and a hospital unit I've heard stories of shortages and hours of waiting. Emergency health care. Healthcare systems are reaching critical limits. Many people working in healthcare and those seeking care. For, things continue to get worse. ”

Critics say Novascosia's Healthcare Improvement Plan – 22 April 2022

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