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Okanagan residents march for women's rights following a decision to quell the Roe v. Wade case

Kelowna residents wereRoev by the US Supreme Court last week. Following a decision to overturn the case of Wade, we marched in support of women's rights on Sunday. Guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion. Currently, abortion rights are governed by individual US states.

"There was certainly sadness and tears. Knowing that the whole country did not see me, and that other uterine owners did not see me as a real human being. I'm really disappointed.

A group of nearly 100 people, from the city park to the stairs of the courthouse, said, "My body, my choice, my body, my choice." I marched while chanting.

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In Canada, abortion was non-criminalized in 1988 and has been available under the Canadian Health Act ever since, but accessibility varies from country to country.

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At a Sunday rally The group met and praised the United States for overturning the Roe v. Wade case, along with opposition activists fighting to make abortion illegal here in Canada.

"We are delighted that the Roe v. Wade case has been rejected and hope that it will happen in Canada," said Abortion Opponent Denise Mountnai.

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On Friday, Prime Minister Justin accused the US Supreme Court of calling the ruling "terrifying."

For those attending a rally in favor, their hope is that Canada will never follow.

"I do not allow current and future governments to act in the same way as the United States," the bank said.

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"I am here for everyone affected by Roev Wade."

It is expected that pro-choice rallies will continue.