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Orlando apologizes for saying "I can't blame" those who don't celebrate July 4th.

In a statement published in the city newsletter last Friday, he said:

"Many people probably don't want to celebrate our countrynow, and we can't blame them. Lots of division, hatred, anxiety But why would you want to have a party to celebrate it?

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, you know in our hearts, especially if you have 90 ° heat, 100% humidity, 100,000 people. The fireworks on July 4th are amazing when standing next to a close friend of mine, "the newsletter added. "At that moment, something is taken over and we all unite in a mysterious bond.

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" Yes , America is currently in conflict, but what do you know ... We have already purchased fireworks. "

Post clearly explains the" conflict "that America is facing. Many Americans did not, but many Americans hinted that the Supreme Court would refrain from celebrating after overturning theRoe v. Wade case. January 6 hearings,Multiple shootings in recent weeks, andExpenses for rising inflation

Statements Some criticize the "non-American" message that caused disappointment online.

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Christina Pushau, Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis,shared her discomfortin a tweet.

Cool. Orlando City, this is our country and your official location on July 4th. @citybeautiful

— Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺 🇸 (@ChristinaPushaw)July 3, 2022

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The hopeful Veneer Francois of the Florida Capitol "cannot accept the newsletter" , Very inappropriate. "

@citybeautiful(Orlando) Not accepted by

and very inappropriate. It is also rude to veterans who have endangered everything for our freedom. July 4th is not about fireworks, but about the world's first constitutional republic and a wonderful experiment we call America.

— Vennia Francois (@VenniaForFL)July 2, 2022

The day after the city, he apologized for the "adverse effects" of the message, saying that he "repents from the bottom of his heart."

Statement from the City of

— The City of Orlando is preparing for the hurricane season (@citybeautiful)July 2, 2022

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"We are these I understand that the words made some inhabitants angry. That was not our intention, "read Saturday'sapology. "We value the freedom we have in this country and thank the men and women who have fought and fought for them.

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"We are proud to celebrate July 4th, thank these men and women and honor the country. Lives. "

However, others have defended the original post, claiming that many Americans are unwilling to celebrate this year.

"Don't apologize. The first emailcaptures the tone ofhow many Americans (and Orlandos) are currently feeling," said Florida Congressman. Anna Eskamani tweeted. Saturday. "It doesn't have to be okay."

You don't have to apologize. The first email contains a tone of how many Americans (and Orlandos) are currently feeling. It doesn't have to be okay.

— Congressman Anna V. Escamani 🔨 (@AnnaForFlorida)July 2, 2022

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Others said the city's original messagecompletely encapsulated their feelings

"No, you Was right. We are in a truly unprecedented time,depriving us of our freedom and canceling historyThey say we should regain power in the state. ORLANDO Has a voice and you speak to it. "Tweet one person.

"Absolutelythe original tweet is correctThe truth sometimes hurts, and that's exactly how most of us feel." She wrote another. ..

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Meanwhile, American celebrities and civilian figures share their own message as to why they chose to refrain from celebrating this year's Independence Day.

Kim Kardashian shared the following post on his Instagram Stories: "July 4th was canceled due to lack of Independence Day. Thank you."

Former Donald Trump administration Staff Kellyanne Conway and Claudia Conway, daughter of political commentator George Conway, wondered why Americans want to celebrate this year.

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Today we will not celebrate July 4th 🥰🥰pic.

— Claudia Conwayy (@claudiamconwayy)July 4, 2022

And actor Jessica Chastain Stain shares a photo on Instagram, where shecamera while raising both of her middle fingers

"Happy" independence "from me and my reproductive rights. Day, "she wrote.

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