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OSM's Classical Spree aims to bring classical music to the masses of Montreal

Rafael Payare's first Classical Spree as OSM Director focuses on the music of the Americas and features a concert at Big O.

"It's important that we can present (music from the Americas) to the audience and they can try it out and see that it's just wonderful," Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal music director Rafael Payare says.
It's important to be able to try it out and see, it's just great," says Rafael Payare, music director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Photo Credit: Allen McInnis /Montreal Gazette

New Music Director of Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM) and Orchestra Classical Spree to date with will be his ideal introduction to Montreal's vibrant summer festival culture.

Classic His Spree, perhaps better known by the French name Laviréeclassique, is his OSM annual summer festival, held at the Olympic Park on Wednesday night. It begins with a large free concert of . Esplanade just west of Big O. From Friday to Sunday, more than 20 of his concerts are held in and around the Place des Arts. There are plenty of free activities, and ticketed concerts are much cheaper than a typical evening at Maison His Symphonique.

"It's great to have the Classical Spree," Payare said in a recent telephone interview from his home in Outremont. “We all know how great the Montreal festival season is. The orchestra, of course, has almost taken over the Cartier des Spectacles, spreads its music to different venues, and has a very large repertoire. This year's theme. presents the entire continent and the full spectrum of music in the United States.It's a crazy schedule.We emphasize showing many different composers and many different works.Of famous composers It may or may not be known, but it should be familiar, so the audience can try different things: the big concert at the Olympic stadium is a full-length concert, the weekend All concerts are 45-50 minutes long at the Classical Spree in 2018, so there's plenty of appetizers to choose from here and there. 36} The American Theme was tailored to Payare, who was born in Venezuela and is passionate about getting more in touch with North and South American music.

"It's very important," said Payare. "We're in the Americas and we're making this music, so it's important to present [the Americas music] to an audience so they can try it and understand that it's great."

Wednesday's concert by Olympic Stadium is titled "The Many Colors of the Americas" and features an eclectic selection of works. The concert will begin with Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, commonly known as the New World Symphony. Although Dvořák is from Old World Czechoslovakia, this symphony was written in his early 1890s while he was living and working in the United States, and many are familiar with American music, particularly African Americans. I think people are influenced by music.

"Everyone thinks that classical music came from Europe, but this wonderful composer has come here to write a symphony that speaks of a new world and of this beautiful continent. I wrote,” said Payare.

There is also a song performed by Polaris Award-winning Aboriginal Canadian tenor and composer Jeremy Dutcher. There is a trumpet concerto composed by Cuban-American Paquito Dribera and an excerpt from West Side Story. Also, Trinidadian soprano Janine de Bic sings André Prevan's "Honey and Lou". In addition, there is a performance of Santa Cruz de Pacairigua by Venezuelan composer Evencio Castellanos.

Classic Spree seeks to bring OSM and classical music to a wider audience than typically present at the Maison Symphony. Free concerts are held on weekends at Complexe Desjardins, Esplanade outside Place des Arts, and Sante. Catherine Street nearby. There are also concerts at the Symphony Maison he $22-45, $25 concerts at the Jean Dussep and Maisonneuve theaters, and his $10 show at Claude His Reveire His Sal.

Payare will conduct his OSM at several concerts on Fridays and Saturdays at Maison His Symphony. Other concerts feature Venezuelan and Argentinian pianist Sergio Tempo playing Chopin, as well as Venezuelan trumpeter Pacho Flores and his OSM principal Paul his trumpet Merquero.

"He and I are going to perform a very Venezuelan duet in his style of samba that he wrote," Merquero said in a recent telephone interview. "What we like about [Classical Spree] is that it's a short concert, but it has more concerts, so the public has more variety of music to choose from. There's a lot on the menu." Think of it as a tapas restaurant where you can try a little bit of everything instead of sticking to one entree.”

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