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Palestinian generals discuss military cooperation at talks in Moscow

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A senior Russian official met with the commander of the Palestinian security forces to discuss military and intelligence cooperation, Moscow's Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

Without elaborating, Deputy Defense Minister Aleksandr Fomin spoke to Palestinian National Authority Nidar Abu on the margins of a security conference held in parallel with his 2022 Army Forum in Russia.・He stated that he had a meeting with Major General Ducan.

Tuesday's talks saw Moscow, almost six months after invading Ukraine, pit itself against what President Vladimir Putin described as neo-Western hegemony in his speech this week. So it was done while looking for allies around the world. - Colonialism.

Russia has traditionally maintained good relations with the Palestinians and supported the Palestinians' elevation to the state. It did not take any action that it believed could threaten its status as a

Moscow-Israel ties have also been historically strong, but have recently been strained by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Israel accuses.

Since its invasion, Russia has been eager to provide assistance to countries it sees as allies in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, including through the sale of advanced weapons and military technology.

In a separate statement on Wednesday, the defense ministry said it had held talks with the West African nation of Mali to strengthen its defense capabilities.

Al Qaeda's branch in Mali claimed on Monday that it had ambushed and killed four mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner Group near Bandiagara in the center of the country. (Reporting by Reuters, Editing by Mark Trevelyan)