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Pastor tears congregation 'broken' after they fail to buy him watch

Pastor Carlton Funderburke of Kansas City was caught on video making the comments when his congregation would not purchase him a Movado watch - which ranges in price from $395 to $3,295 U.S.
Carlton Founder, Kansas Reverend Burke City was caught on video commenting when his congregation didn't buy him a Movado watch, which ranges from $395 to $3,295 in the US. Photo by Screengrab/Facebook/TheWelke

A pastor in Missouri calls his congregation " It went viral after calling it "poor," "broken," and "sick of being crushed."

Their sins? Reportedly, did not buy him an expensive watch.

Kansas City Reverend Carlton Funderburke was caught on video with congregation members commenting that he would not buy a Movado watch.

"Am I not worth your McDonald's money? Am I not worth your Red Lobster money?" said to the parishioners:

"Am I unworthy of your Louis Vuitton? Am I unworthy of your Prada? Am I unworthy of your Gucci?

Founder Burke founded the church with his wife, Reverend Silvarena Funderburke.

In a video posted to Facebook, Funderburke says in the video that he asked for the watch last year.

"Kick down the door and let me talk to my cheap sons and daughters," he says.

Funderburke later released an apology video.

"There is no context to obliterate the words I used. I apologize to everyone I've hurt, offended, or hurt with my words.

"For those who know and love me, thank you for your support," he said. I regret that my first impression is one of anger, hatred and resentment."

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