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Pence says he didn't leave the office with confidential material

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Thomas Beaumont

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Former Vice President Mike Pence said Friday he did not bring any classified information with him when he resigned.

21} Pence made the comments in an interview with Iowa's AP a week and a half after the FBI raided former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion and seized classified information.

When Pence was asked directly whether he was holding any classified information at the time of his resignation, he replied, "No, not to my knowledge."

Given that FBI agents removed his 11 sets of classified records from his former boss's estate on August 8 and investigated the potential , it's worth noting that this disclosure is usually unremarkable for the former vice president. Violation of three different federal laws. Mr Trump claimed that the documents seized by investigators were "all declassified" and that he would have turned them over if the Justice Department had asked.

But Mr Pence said he and his team complied with rules requiring classified materials to be turned over to the National Archives, but the former vice president raised the possibility that the investigation was politically motivated. requested disclosure from Attorney General Merrick Garland. Details of why the authorities came to conduct a search.

"The concerns that millions of Americans have felt will only be resolved after dark," he added. "I know that's not always the case with investigations. But I think this is unprecedented action by the Department of Justice and deserves unprecedented transparency."

His comments comes days after he urged his fellow Republicans to stop blaming rank-and-file members of the FBI over the search for Mar-a-Lago. Speaking at a political breakfast in New Hampshire on Wednesday, he said some of the growing threats to his FBI from die-hard Trump supporters who are upset that Trump's home has been raided. tried to suppress the

"The Republican Party is the party of law and order," Mr Pence said Wednesday. "Our party stands with the men and women who stand on the thin blue line at the federal, state and local levels, and these attacks on the FBI must stop."

Pence was in Iowa on Friday as part of a two-day trip to the state to host the 2024 Republican Chiefs of Staff Conference. Pence said Friday he will make a decision early next year on whether to run for the White House. It headlined a fundraiser for Senator Grassley. Departure Saturday.