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Pentikton RCMP sees "increased vigilance" in online exploitation of young people

Summer vacation at school may allow young people to spend more time online, butPenticton RCMPprotects online behavior Warn people and young people.

The Pentikton RCMP states that the number of young people reporting victims of online sex-related blackmail tactics has increased tremendously.

"These tactics may include predators building trust with young people and later requiring them to take sexually explicit actions," Penticton said. RCMP Const states. Press release James Grandy.

"The predator later notifies the young man that the image was recorded and threatens to publish the image immediately unless the amount is paid."

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RCMP Can be used to exploit those that many young people in common social media apps use today. According to Pentikton RCMP constant Dayne Lyons, an example of a common app is Snapchat.

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"You don't know the example I've seen about online sexual exploitation that could cost a child. "The Lions said.

"Through conversations with that individual, they pull out your nude photos and try to intimidate you with gift cards and intimidation."

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RCMP emphasized that this issue is not unique to Penticton.

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Ten years have passed since 15-year-old Amanda Todd committed suicide Aydin Coban, a man who has been repeatedly harassed online and accused of blackmail online, is in the process of trial.

RCMP said there are tools available to parents and adolescents to stay safe online.

"If you or your child feels this kind of damage, it is highly recommended that you report it to your local police station," Lions said.

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"Or visit Here are many resources, addressing these issues. You'll get how to do it, and what to do if you feel like you're a victim. ”

He goes on to say that Penticton RCMP is actively working with local agencies throughout South Okanagan. He said he would better support the victims mentioned earlier.

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