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Peruvian truck drivers and farmers vie for fuel and fertilizer costs

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LIMA — Peruvian sector Truck drivers and some farm groups go on strike on Sunday after leaders have failed to reach an agreement with the government on Sunday to seek measures to mitigate the effects of sharp global fuel and fertilizer prices. Said.

Coalition leaders meet with government representatives on Friday and Saturday to see freight transportation as a "public service" to reduce costs and curb competition with truck drivers in neighboring countries. I made a request.

"We have plans to strike at all bases across the country," Marlon Mira, leader of the heavy duty and driver union, told radio station RPP. rice field. The union has 400,000 freight transport units in 14 of the 25 regions of the country.

Soaring global fuel prices associated with Russia's invasion of Ukraine have caused anxiety in Peru, the world's second largest producer of copper. Fertilizer shortages, on the other hand, have raised concerns about food supply as the government struggles to secure shipments.

The left-wing President Pedro Castillo's government, which has been declining since taking office last year, has taken steps to curb rising living costs, but annual inflation is at its highest at around 8%. be. Level in 24 years.

Some agricultural cooperatives also announced a strike on Monday in protest of rising and shortages of fertilizer prices.

Latin American leaders are working to reduce soaring prices, despite significant rate hikes. Truck protests over fuel costs struck Argentina while Ecuador was upset by protests partially related to gas prices.

"The dialogue is endless, we are at a permanent meeting of the ministers to avoid protests," Justice Minister Felix Cello told reporters on Sunday. The government provides subsidies for road tolls and fertilizer costs. (Report by Marco Aquino, edited by Diane Craft)