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Pharmacists fear a shortage of cold medicine for children amid shortages

"Liquid is now 'bye-bye'. Cannot order. Chewables are back in stock, too.": Alexander Mikhaila, Apothecary

Alexander Mihaila, owner of Mr. Pharmacist in Toronto said he has noticed a clear shortage of cold and flu medication for children.
Mr Toronto The pharmacist's owner, Alexander Mikhaila, said he had noticed a distinct shortage of cold and flu medicines for children.

A shortage of pain relievers for children due to a surge in demand has pharmacists worried about buying Tylenol and Advil for children in a panic because supplies are already tight.

'' said pharmacist Alexander Mihaila, owner of Mr. Pharmacist in downtown Toronto.

Many of these drugs - acetaminophen and ibuprofen - are in use.

"The chewables are all backordered," he told the pharmacy computer said while looking at the screen. uids were "goodbye". Cannot order. Chewable is also waiting for arrival.

The Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) said an increase in summertime symptoms from COVID-19 may be the cause of the shortage.

"In this case, we see unprecedented demand at a time when colds and flu, pain and fever are not as common as they are now," said OPA CEO Justin Bates. .

“I think what we have seen in the last 24 hours is a rush.

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Johnson, who makes Tylenol, said in a statement End Johnson said the company continued to "see increasing consumer-driven demand for certain products and markets. We are taking all possible steps to ensure product availability."

The OPA, who spoke with Johnson and Johnson, warns that rushing to buy more will only exacerbate the supply crisis.

"Stockpiling is not the best strategy. It can mean someone is gone," Bates said. "We want to make sure that people who need it have access." A letter has been issued informing parents of the

The hospital stated: access. "

Mihaila said they still have the option of requesting prescriptions for drugs that pharmacists can dispense in-house or from much larger containers into smaller bottles.

Still. , he hoped suppliers would eventually scale up production, adding, "We were caught pulling our pants down." This is definitely a concern because we don't have the tools to fight it. The only tools you need to fight a fever are acetaminophen and ibuprofen, two things you're dangerous without."

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