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Plans to call Canada Day a "new day" put Winnipeg on the defensive

"We proudly celebrate Canada's birthday. I don't think we can do that at Forks.": Candidate Winnipeg

Canada Day festivities in Winnipeg, The Forks. Saturday, July1, 2017.
Winnipeg, Canada Day celebration in Forks. Saturday, July 1, 2017.Photo: Sun / Postmedia Network /Sun / Postmedia Network

New day attracts Winnipeg welcome mats It doesn't seem to be.

There was controversy over replacing Canada Day with what is called a "new day," and the city of Winnipeg acknowledged this.

The July 1st event hosted by Forks in the heart of Winnipeg is going on without fireworks.

In its event calendar, the organization "rethinks Canada Day. It's a new day, including a reflexive, inclusive and fun day for everyone to get together."

This change has sparked the anger of Winnipeg Mayor Jenny Motokalk.

"I love my country unconditionally, so I proudly celebrate Canada's birthday on July 1st. I recently learned that it was canceled, so at Forks it's I don't think I can, "she tweeted.

"PS — We are currently accepting invitations to all actual Canada Day parties."

Dubbing Canada Day as a "new day" , Put the fork on the defensive.

"There was a dispute over the rethinking Canada Day plan at Forks," said a statement from the Board of Directors of the Forks North Portage Partnership.

"Fork was not intended to minimize or eliminate the idea of ​​Canada Day, but as an opportunity to rethink how to recognize Canada Day and celebrate it together. Use. "

2021-After the bodies of at least 200 children were found on the grounds of a former residential school near Kamloops, British Columbia. – There have been some efforts in parts of the country to host the “Canada Day Cancellation” event.

Since then, the bodies of have been found on the premises of other former housing schools.

Winnipeg's group planned the second "Canada Day Cancellation, Indigenous Resilience" event at Portage and Main in downtown Winnipeg. Then march to Congress.

"We'll talk about all the genocide actions Canada has taken against First Nations people and how it affected us," the organizer said on the Facebook event page. I am writing in.

In Ontario, a school sent a letter to parents giving them the option to reject the Canadian flag if they wished.

"Students also have the opportunity to receive the Canadian flag from a (edited) Lions club," the letter said.

"If you do not want your child to receive the Canadian flag, please return the bottom of this letter to the school by June 28, 2022. If you do not return the form, your child will flag it. I will receive it. "

This year, Toronto is full of Canadian Day celebrations.

In announcing the event, the city said, "We acknowledge that July 1st is not a celebration day for all, especially the indigenous peoples, Inuit and Metis people."
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