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Poilievre marches with soldiers protesting COVID-19 orders ahead of Canada Day


Conservative leader candidate Pierre Poirievre has been charged with speaking against the COVID-19 vaccine requirement that caused the promise. Participated in the final stages of a march led by Canadian soldiers-and fear-a new wave of prosecution in the capital.

James Topp was charged in February with two acts against order and discipline prejudice against uniformed comments, and has since been a four-month march from Vancouver to the capital. Has led.

His march involved a "free convoy" that roared downtown Ottawa for weeks until police used force to end what they and the government described as illegal occupation. Has been supported by many of the same people who did.

Residents are at stake due to his arrival in the capital and promises of new protests beginning on Canada Day. Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson and Mayor of Ottawa Steve Bell have promised to crack down on illegal activity.

Poilievre walked with Topp for about 30 minutes after the two met just before noon in the parking lot of a strip mall west of downtown Ottawa. Hundreds of people gathered there to meet the army's reserve army.

The video of the conference was the then Prime Minister John about being a "free Canadian" when Poilievre opposed the mandatory vaccination and signed the Canadian Bill of Rights in 1960. It shows that he is quoting a famous quote by Diefenbaker to Topp.

When Topp said he wanted reinstatement and compensation for those who lost their jobs due to vaccination obligations, Poilievre replied: that. "

The two also talked about the division within Canada, Poilievre said:" People are anxious for hope. I think it's time to reunite. ”

Then there were about 200 supporters, many of whom were the Canadian flag and some sports camouflaged backpacks and other equipment. And walked about 30 minutes on the boulevard sidewalk before Poilievre left.

A few hours later, hundreds of people gathered in a park south of downtown Ottawa along the Rideau Canal for the final stretch to the National War Memorial. Long lines of marchers along the length of the park, including at least one in black armored vests, were eagerly waiting for the army's reserves to start things.

At one point, the crowd accused General Wayne Eyre of ordering men in military berets and civilian clothing to be fully vaccinated against all members of the Canadian Army. I was treated by the speech I made. Members of the crowd booed out loud.

Topp supporters lined up to wave, hug, and take selfies. The crowd regularly chanted his name. He asked them to act with honor and dignity while they continued their "closing ceremony" at the War Memorial.

Marchers of all ages, including some children, shouted "freedom." When they left the park and started heading downtown. The "Freedom" call was a staple of protests that clogged Ottawa in January and February.

The crowds gathered in downtown Ottawa shouted loudly and erupted with the chant of "freedom" when Topp arrived Thursday night.

Poilievre appeared in Topp after conservative leadership front runners were accused of being comfortable without being shy by anti-vaccine protesters and other groups related to "Freedom Convoy". This is because of the fact.

Tamara Lich, the leader of the convoy that gridlocked Ottawa in February, temporarily appeared in court on Thursday after allegedly violating one of the bail conditions. Faced with multiple charges, including mischief and police obstruction, Lich will continue to be detained until Tuesday's bail hearing.

Many marchers refused the interview, saying they didn't believe their words were untwisted.

But among the hundreds of people marching along the Rideau Canal to downtown Ottawa, Richard Jarveys, who lives in Ottawa, called the top "inspiration for all of us." ..

"Here he is the most peaceful, the most wonderful and the most decent person you might want to meet, and he claims to walk all over Canada," he said. Added.

Gervais said his adult son was one of hundreds of federal civil servants who were forced to take unpaid leave due to refusal to vaccinate.

The requirement was then suspended, but "I don't know when he will come back," Gervais said. "And we know that it can come back with the flimsy excuses."

He doubts the severity of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of the vaccine. While throwing, he accused the World Economic Forum of trying to seize Canada's sovereignty. All of these claims were "Freedom Convoy."

Top said there were no plans to lead the occupation of the capital. Asked the Ottawa police to work with him to promote the march around the city.

However, in a recent video posted on YouTube, the organizers of a group called Veterans 4 Freedom set up a semi-permanent camp called "Camp Eagle" east of Ottawa during the summer. He said he plans to hold an event in the city all the time.

Later, police were able to prevent similar protests from hijacking the city, but stopping the planned demonstrations during Canada Day from getting out of hand celebrates the holidays. It can be complicated by the presence of thousands of people.

Fees for Topp are related to tw o In a video posted online in the winter, military reserves uniformly criticize vaccination requirements for military personnel and other federal officials.

Members of the Canadian Army are severely restricted from commenting while wearing uniforms, especially when criticizing government policy, primarily to protect the army from perceptions of politics.

His lawyer argued that such restrictions should not apply to policies that personally affect military members.

Justin Trudeau said on Thursday that police were "very serious" responsible for keeping people safe at the Canada Day celebration, and Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford said Ottawa. Called on those who were willing to protest to respect the law.

"I'm all in favor of peaceful protests and you can do demonstrations, but there's no Shenanigan this weekend. Just be peaceful and enjoy the weekend to the people of Ottawa. Let's get it, "he said.

"Honestly, we shouldn't experience this. It's a shame, but that's what it is."

Held last week on Parliamentary Hill At Freedom Convoy, more than 20 Conservatives invited Topp and other key figures to pose for photos, promise support, and listen to a talk about the dangers of COVID-19. vaccination.

Health Canada only approves domestic use of vaccines that meet strict safety, efficacy and quality standards, and the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine continue to outweigh the risk of this disease. It states that it is. About 85% of Canadians take at least one dose.

Topp is partly to abolish all vaccine obligations and to demand the reinstatement of those who have lost their jobs due to such requirements and compensation for lost wages. I told the MP that I was marching.

At the same time, he and others raised the ghost of the civil war in explaining the state of the country.

This report by Canadian Press was first published on June 30, 2022.

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