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Police urge drivers to watch out for bears in Yoho National Park

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If the route passes throughYoho National Park, B.C. Highway Patrol (BCHP) calls for attention tobearson the road.

Police say there have been numerous bear-related clashes this year and are currently working withParks Canadato reduce wildlife accidents. ..

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Currently, mitigation measures include Parks along a 10 km section of the Trans-Canada Expressway east of British Columbia Field. Includes a non-stop zone established by Canada. Temporary speed limit reduction.

According to the B.C. Highway Patrol, Parks Canada controls the portion of Trans Canada that passes through the park.

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"The highway section is full of high-value food, so this time of year with black bears Popular with both grizzly bears. Sources found along the road ", B.C. Highway patrol said in a press release.

"Unfortunately, this puts the bear in danger of coming into contact with the car and often causes injury or death to the bear."

Police said in mid-June, BCHP officers from Golden and Parks Canada officers have stated that they have conducted a speed enforcement and education campaign.

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"Motorlists are on the road to see bears and get out of the car and approach bears. I was advised not to stop by, "the police said.

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"Under any circumstances, do not try to feed bears or wildlife Please. Animals may become accustomed to humans, endangering animals. "

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BCHP also has 80 copies of speed-related crimes during a week-long enforcement campaign. A violation ticket was issued and four vehicles were confiscated. An individual was also issued to operate the drone in the national park.

“By driving in Canada's national parks, drivers can see all kinds of wildlife,” says BCHPCpl. Mike Halskov. "By slowing down, the driver reduces the risk and severity of collisions with wildlife, including bears."

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