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The pride parade moves forward with new urgency

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The Associated Press

Associated Press

Bobby Caina Calvan

New York (AP) — The Associated Press's pride-celebrating parade on Sunday amid new concerns about the potential erosion of victorious freedom. Through decades of activity, starting in some of America's largest cities.

Annual marches in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. are just two days in a ruling of abortion, signaling that a conservative judge in the Supreme Court needs to reconsider the right to same-sex marriage. It will be done later. Same-sex marriage recognized in 2015.

The warning shot was issued after a year of legislative defeat in the LGBTQ community. This includes the passage of laws in several states that limit the discussion of sexual orientation or sexual identity with children.

As anti-homosexual sentiment resurfaces, some people want the pride parade to return to their roots.

"It's a gay life celebration from a statement of advocacy and protest," said 67-year-old Sean Clakin, who recently enjoyed a drink at Julius about the New York City's annual parade. Told. One of the oldest gay bars in Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

As he remembers, the parade once rebelled against and opposed the oppressive mainstream, which regarded gay, lesbian, and transgender people as worthless outsiders. was.

"It's as satisfying and empowering as it is currently accepted in the mainstream," Crakin said.

Dandymant, a spokesman for the Heritage of Pride, a non-profit organization that hosts the New York City parade, said this year's march was a float and "people dancing and celebrating." So I said it was still a festival.

"Pride is a lot for many, and for many it's a protest, and for many it's a celebration. We have community members with pride and them. We will create an experience to experience how to resonate, "said Dimanto.

New York's first Pride March (then called Christopher Street Liberation Day March) celebrates the first anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion caused by police raids on Manhattan's gay bars. In commemoration, it was held in 1970. ..

San Francisco's first march was in 1972, and has been held annually since then, except for the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebration is now global, held in multiple countries throughout the year, and many of the largest parades are held in June. On June 19th, one of the largest in the world was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In the United States, this year's celebration will be held in a potential crisis.

In the Supreme Court, which ruled to withdraw the right to abortion on Friday, Judge Clarence Thomas withdrew the 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage and the 2003 law to criminalize homosexuals. They agreed that the ruling should also be reviewed. Sex.

Recently, more than 12 states have enacted legislation that goes against the interests of the LGBTQ + community. These include laws prohibiting references to sexual orientation in the Florida school curriculum and care for children to identify their gender in Texas.

Some states have legislation prohibiting transgender athletes from participating in team sports that match the gender they identify.

According to a defamation prevention league survey released earlier this week, members of the LGBTQ community were more likely to experience harassment than any other group. Two-thirds of the respondents said they were harassed, and more than half said they were the result of their sexual orientation.

In recent years, the division over how to commemorate the Stonewall has begun, splinter groups including New York City have been born, and unique events aimed at more protests have been held.

In New York City, the Queer Liberation March was held at the same time as the traditional parade, "detoxifying the parade, which is currently dominating pride, infused with companies, entwined with police, and politicians. We call ourselves "agent". celebration.

In this year's major parade, much of that spirit can be lost, but many fans of the march see them as a combination of activity and celebration.

New Yorker Vincent Maniscarco, 40, who has been married to her husband for five years, said the march spotlighted civil rights issues and said, "Individuals of all life walks. It's an opportunity to gather and celebrate. " Their real self. And I think the New York City Pride Parade does a very good job in that regard.