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Prosecutors say Saskatoon mother faked death in custody battle

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Saskatoon police Deputy Chief Randy Huisman speaks at a media event in Saskatoon, Monday, August 8, 2022.
Saskatoon Police Deputy Chief Randy Houseman speaks Monday, August 8, 2022 at a media event in Saskatoon. Photo by Liam Richards /The Canadian Press

U.S. federal prosecutors have ruled that Saskatoon women He faked the deaths of himself and his son, accusing them of an elaborate scheme to enter the country illegally.

Sonoff said 48-year-old Dawn Marie Walker is being held at risk of escape because she faces two charges related to identity theft.

Walker was reported missing last month along with her 7-year-old son. Police said Friday that her pickup her truck was abandoned "unharmed" at her rental unit in Oregon City after her two weeks of search and rescue operations, including cleaning up the Saskatchewan River and its banks. discovered.

According to court documents filed in Oregon on Monday, Walker "has gone to extreme lengths to steal the identities of her and her son, causing her to enter the United States illegally and hide." It was done,” he claims.

According to her documents, she "thoughtfully planned and carried out an ingenious ruse to fake the deaths of herself and her son."

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security charged her with a felony of knowingly presenting another person's passport and a misdemeanor of possessing stolen or illegally produced identification. prosecuted her.

According to the Federal Attorney's Office, a felony, if convicted, would result in her being sentenced to a minimum of two years' imprisonment, and a misdemeanor, a maximum of six months' imprisonment. be done.

Saskatoon Police have charged Walker with public mischief and parental abduction in violation of a custody order, and said they were considering extraditing her to Canada. 57} The boy was returned to Canada on Sunday after his legal guardian picked him up, police said.

Saskatoon Police said they launched a search for Walker and her son on July 24 after her friend reported her missing.

Her red Ford F-150 truck was found with her belongings at her Chief's Whitecap Park just south of Saskatoon.

According to court documents, Walker stole the identities of her co-workers and their children to open her bank accounts, purchase her SUV and drive her to the border on July 23. drove over She is from Lethbridge, Alberta to Montana.

According to an affidavit from Homeland Security Special Agent Clinton Linsley, Walker and her son's biological father were embroiled in a lengthy custody battle, and she died on July 25.

In a document she told Walker after her arrest, Linsley said, "People had speculated that she and her son had died in the river. She voluntarily said, ``He doesn't want to be with his father.''

According to the documents, police found a series of notebooks and handwritten notes in Walker's SUV. It contained a checklist: dye your hair, cover up your tattoos, pack your car, get a toy, throw your phone in the water, dump your car on a bridge, probably buy a fishing rod and the nearest border. find

The documents allege that Walker funded her plan through secret financial accounts and assets totaling over $100,000 that had nothing to do with the United States.

"The abduction of a child by the defendant is extremely serious. The child was safely rescued, but there is no guarantee that if the defendant were released she would not try to kidnap the child again," the court said.

Walker, who remains in custody, is scheduled to appear in Oregon court on September 7, the document states.

"As the criminal investigation progresses, it could result in additional charges facing Ms. Walker," said Saskatoon Police Deputy Chief Randy Hausman on Monday.

"Investigators are investigating several different charges regarding the implied false identity documents and how she was able to prepare those documents."


The Sovereign Indigenous Federation, of which Walker served as chief executive, had organized an all-night rally and walked in the park to raise awareness about the disappearance of the woman and her son.

The Commonwealth also issued its own Amber Her Alert for the pair and asked the police to do the same. Police said there was no evidence to suggest they were in imminent danger. said he only wanted the boy to return safely.

"They were sobbing, laughing, dancing, screaming, throwing shoes and hugging when they found out they were safe."

Walker is an Okanese Indian. He is also a well-known author. Her most recent book, The Prairie Chicken Dance Tour, was published under the name Dawn Dumont and last week was named a finalist for Stephen Leacock's Memorial Medal for Her Four She's Humor.

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