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Protests broke out in Uzbekistan Autonomous Region over constitutional amendment plan

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Almaty — Uzbekistan officials said Saturday that there was a rare public protest over a planned constitutional amendment to change its status in the Autonomous Republic of Uzbekistan.

Karakalpakstan, located in the northwestern part of Uzbekistan, is home to the Karakalpak people, a clear minority group with their own language. Under the current Uzbekistan Constitution, a referendum is held within Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan's new constitution, which is scheduled to hold a referendum in the coming months, no longer mentions Karakalpakstan's sovereignty or withdrawal rights.

According to the Uzbekistan Ministry of Interior, "as a result of a misunderstanding of the constitutional amendment," a group of Karakalpakstan residents marched in the capital Nukus and held a rally on Friday at the city's central market.

Separately, the Karakalpakstan government intervened in a statement in which protesters attempted to hijack the government building and showed police their leaders and positive resistance. He said he urged him to detain him.

Now, order has been restored in a state with a population of 2 million, officials in Uzbekistan, the former Soviet Republic, which has close ties to Russia, said.

The changes to Karakalpakstan are just a few of the broader constitutional amendments proposed by President Shavkatmirziyoev, including the strengthening of civil rights and the extension of the presidential term from five to seven years. It contains.

If the referendum approves the reform, it resets Milziyoev's term and allows him to carry out two more terms. (Report by Olzhas Auyezov, edited by Gareth Jones)