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Putin rejects Johnson's claim that women would not have invaded Ukraine

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London — Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to accuse British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of not invading Ukraine if he was a woman.

At a press conference during a visit to Turkmenistan early Thursday morning, Putin noted that former British leader Margaret Thatcher had decided to send troops to the Falkland Islands in response to Johnson's theory. did.

Johnson dubbed Putin's decision on Wednesday, dubbing what Moscow calls Ukraine a "special military operation" as "a perfect example of toxic masculinity", Putin's macho. I ridiculed my attitude.

Looking back, Putin told reporters: So the woman decided to start military action.

"Therefore, it is not a perfect reference to what is happening today from the British Prime Minister."

Russian leaders were 40 years ago in the South Atlantic population. He continued to criticize Britain's move to militarily respond to Russia's attempts to occupy the few British-owned islands.

"Where is the Falkland Islands and where is England?" Putin asked. "Tatcher's actions are nothing more than confirming the ambitions of the empire and the status of their empire."

Moscow is Western imperialism and falsehood. As an example, he has repeatedly opposed western military intervention in former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and so on.

But during his 20 years of reign, Putin himself faced multiple accusations of imperialism, forcibly expanding the Russian border and exerting influence over the entire former Soviet space. He said he wanted to reverse the collapse of the Soviet Union. Union.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24 destroyed numerous cities, killed thousands of civilians, and deported millions from homes across Ukraine. ..

(Report by Reuters, edited by Emeria Sithole-Matarise)