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Quebec migrant workers who helped at the forefront of COVID are afraid of deportation

A migrant worker who stepped up to work in a long-term care facility was hit hard byCOVID-19during the first wave and he is in the government I am asking you to prevent. I was kicked out of the country.

On Monday morning, we gathered across from theCanada Border Services Agency(CBSA) building in downtown Montreal and demanded justice from 41-year-old Mamadou Konaté from Côte d'Ivoire. did. The coast.

"It's not fair what they're doing to me," Konate said of concern about being deported.

He said he had done some difficult work in Quebec since arriving six years ago, but perhaps cleaning the room of a COVID-infected patient in an early care facility. It wasn't as miserable as it was. Pandemic.

He said he caught the virus himself and had a terrible struggle.

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"I'm almost dead," he recalled.

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Friend and ex-roommate Amelia -Olerana allows people requesting Konate to stay in Canada.

"He answered a call for help during COVID. He was cleaning the red floor during the first wave. He saw people die. He was one of the only people who supported the old man at the time, "she told Global News.

Olerana helped organize a downtown rally on Monday. This was around the same time that he was summoned to a meeting with CBSA officials who feared he might know that Konate had been deported. Alexandre Bouleris of NDP MP was one of the people who was at hand to support Konate's bid to become a Canadian resident.

Konate says he was repeatedly detained and repeatedly called to anxiety-inducing meetings with government officials, such as Monday morning.

On Monday, he was asked to fill out more forms and paperwork when the residence request was processed, but his possibility of deportation was like a dark cloud. It's approaching the top.

"After all, I'm doing it for this country, but now they want to deport me. It's not democratic," he said.

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Konate's lawyer Stewartist Vanfi also at the rally.

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"Danger is real and his life is at stake in his country." The lawyer said.

Istvanffy explains that the section of immigration law, which states that no one who participates in the overthrow of the government can obtain residence rights, has proven to be a major legal obstacle. did.

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"Canada is involved in all sorts of armed struggles, even against dictators like Saddam Hussein. It really keeps people away from them. It's terrible people, "said Istvanfi.

Lawyers state that there are hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of cases where this provision is unfairly applied .

"There is a very serious problem of unacceptability, and there is an exaggeration of crime that overturns humanitarian impulses," he said.

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I have a legal permit to work in Konate Canada. He is currently the caretaker of the University of Concordia.

"I think he deserves status, dignity, respect and recognition of everything he has done and everything he has worked for," Orellana said.

For now, Konate's friends can only wait.

They hope that the new legal objection will help prevent friends from leaving the given country.

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