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Religious minorities in Quebec feel less safe due to secular law known as Bill 21: survey

A new study finds thatreligious minoritiesin Quebec have increased their safety, acceptance and hopefulness since the state passed a secular law three years ago. I have found that I feel less sexual.

Quebec citizens who identify as Jews, Muslims or Sikhs have been found guilty of a 2019 law to " Widespread, devastating and severe adverse effects” have been reported.Religious symbolsare prohibited at work by public sector workers who are considered to be in positions of authority.

Muslim women have some of the greatest influence. More than 70% of respondents said they felt less safe, and more than 80% said they felt less hopeful for the next generation.Bill 21 was adopted.

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Members of all three religious communities were subjected to levels of hateful incidents far in excess of those experienced by the general public. Some reported being assaulted, with examples ranging from insults and professional discrimination to physical attacks.

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Findings were produced by combining her Leger Web survey of the general population with a Canadian Research Council poll it was done. Weigh results to better represent religious minorities, and the general population.

A total of 1,828 Quebecers (including 632 Muslims, 165 Jews, and 56 Sikhs) were questioned for the survey, which was conducted by his web panel. Therefore, there is no official margin of error.

Hijabs Disappear in Quebec Classrooms as Montreal Teachers Retire – 24 June 2022

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