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According to the report, "unintentional addiction" is the main cause of homeless visits to ER in Alberta

According to a Injury Prevention Center report published in May, "unintentional or unexplained poisoning" was the leading cause of injury, We've learned that people in Alberta who lost their lives are seeking emergency medical care.

For this report, the Center for Injury Prevention compiled data from the Alberta Department of Health and consulted the Bissell Center. Data are grouped into five categories: unintentional or unexplained poisoning, violence, falls, natural or environmental injuries, and suicide or self-harm.

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The city faced a shelter shortage this winter.

An average of 5,814 injury-related emergency room visits were homeless each year.

Reports indicated that 25% of emergency room visits were due to poisoning, with 1,438 visits each year.

"This may include addiction from substances such as drugs or medications taken in wrong doses or in dangerous combinations," the study found.

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"Precautions for that particular category of injury may include facilities such as safe injection sites," said theCenter for Injury Prevention. Kathy Belton, Deputy Director and adjunct professor at University, explained. Alberta School of Public Health

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The second leading cause of injury-related visits was the result of deliberately incited violence/injury, accounting for 19% and averaging 1,121 visits each year. had.

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This is the first report we provided. Injury-related emergency department visits by people who have lost their homes.

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"This is It's the first step in understanding what the injury problem is," Belton said. "What we need to do now, as a center and as a state, is to look at effective interventions for this population, these injuries."

She saidprevention. He added that possible injuries could cost the health system more than $7 billion annually

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The report also found that 17% of individuals left emergency departments without receiving treatment. but the data do not. Please elaborate on whether this is due to perceived stigma, difficulty accessing healthcare, or other reasons.

“Attention to the additional risks faced by those who have lost their homes, as well as the difficulty of accessing care for these injuries, is both under-reported and under-reported in our society. I feel it has not been discussed by the public," said Lawrence Brown. -Woodbury, Director of Service Integration and Advocacy, Bissell Center.

The Bissell Center uses strategies to reduce barriers to access to health care, including programs such asStreetWorks,Boyle McCauley Health Center and others. Work with specialist healthcare providers and train cases. A management team advocating for healthcare.

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"Using evidence to really understand Alberta's problems and address them effectively." , is our best chance to reduce the cost of injuries in Canada, the health care system," Belton said.

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When you talk about specific needs, you can really go to the funders and say, 'We need additional programs in this area at this time,'" added Braun-Woodbury.

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