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Rex Murphy: Liberals go out for lunch at high gas prices

Does Chrystia Freeland really believe that climate change is what people think when they pay exorbitant prices with pumps?

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, seen at a news conference on April 7, 2022, and the rest of the Liberal government have lost touch with the Canadian electorate, writes Rex Murphy.
Christia as seen at the news conference on April 7th. -Freeland Finance Minister 2022, and the rest of the free government, lost contact with Canadian voters, Rex Murphy wrote. Photo: Blair Gable / Reuters

"In my view, this price increase ... the increase in fuel costs is Why climate is so important to action and why as a country we must work harder and act faster towards a green economy. ”
—Tuesday Christia Freeland, Finance Minister, speaking in Brumpton, Ontario.

Does Chrystia Freeland really think that this goes through people's hearts when they see gas costing more than $ 8 a gallon? What they are happy about, what they are grateful for, emptying their wallets, or bloating their credit card debt, tells them "Why climate behavior is so important". Is to "remind".

Imagine some of Gander, Weiburn, and Prince George chatting and heading for cash at a local gas station after they're full. "Wow, over $ 100, and mine is a citizen." Another man: "I know. It cost me $ 160 for an old pickup. I've never seen it."

Both pause and reflect. All at once, they break out as follows: I almost forgot. These sharp increases are a reminder of what I needed. It's about how important climate change measures really are. They throw their arms around each other's shoulders and cheerfully throw waltz at the register.

Such an exchange could act as a skit given the state of the Canadian comedy. But not in other contexts.

Does Freeland really think this is something that goes through people's hearts?

In fact, what does rising fuel prices remind most people? Well, of course the first thing is that they can't afford the rise. Second, their sympathetic leaders, obsessed with their noble parade on climate change, have all contact with how most people are actually reacting to this new crisis. Lost. The government is one world, their world is another, and it is all about the government world that makes life in their world difficult.

It also reminds us that the government's manic fixation on climate virtue signaling is less of a policy than one approaching the condition.

By moving harder and faster to this delirium, called the green economy, Germany was at the mercy of Russia in Vladimirputin and is now returning Germany to oil and gas. Did you notice that you are there? And more than any other factor that empowered Putin for his wild advance into Ukraine.

This impetus for the green economy, and the wedding government for "climate change measures," has probably already been proven and proved to be one of the major failures of our time. Will be done. In some countries, the result was the exact opposite of its stated purpose. We have seen countries push their countries back into a "wise economy", increase coal production and reliance, and rethink their precious "Paris commitment".

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Green is, by policy, a deliberate and dangerous fool (for Ukraine).

Freeland's remarks effectively supported inflation as a "good thing." As she said, if rising fuel prices remind us of the need for climate change measures, why no further rise would be a stronger memory. For that reason, today's surge in inflation should be welcomed. It's just to get us "more difficult and faster" to the fantasia of the green economy.

And there was a robotic and unavoidable reference to climate change. A feature of all liberal ministers is that they drop this empty, flat, steamy phrase. They need to imagine that it has the power of magician and witch spells. Just by issuing a magic formula and presto, you need to explain that all the arguments disappear, all the dissents disappear, and everything dies when the proper set of words is said. Climate change measures. open Sesame. Same.

Minister's remarks also extend another delusion. That Canada has or can play an important role in the Crusades of this climate.

Even if climate armageddon is a real possibility, making a significant contribution to solving it is clearly far beyond Canada's capabilities or capabilities. Our country is, at best, peripheral in this "war". I don't count. Freeland and Justin Trudeau are constantly claiming that Canada is a major player. We are not.

Just say the magic formula and presto and all the dispute disappears

It's a hassle to repeat this, but China, India, all developments Developing countries have all the power. They have not joined this Davos-IPCC Crusaders to plant windmills.

Certainly, I believe there is something delusional about high-ranking people. Have they ever wandered far away from the people they represent? In effect, they are celebrating the financial blow to the majority of Canadians.

This is here. The Treasury praises fuel prices and says this is great, as ordinary Canadians take out bank loans before going to a gas station.

And, unbelievably, some are confused as to why so many have appeared to hear the story of a particular candidate for a Conservative leader. Damn populist.

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