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Robert Libman: In memory of Roopnarine Singh and two other great Canadians

Cardiologist Shin was the founder and major organizer of the Montreal Canada Day Parade for many years.

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Robert Libman • Special to Montreal Gazette
Dr. Roopnarine Singh, founder of the Montreal Canada Day parade in 1978, rides in the back of a convertible on Ste-Catherine St. during the 2015 version of the parade in Montreal Wednesday July 01, 2015. Dr. Singh organized the parade for 26 years.
Montreal Canada Founder Dr. Loopnarin Singh The 1978 Day Parade will ride behind Ste-Catherine St.'s Convertible during the 2015 Parade in Montreal on Wednesday, July 1, 2015. Dr. Shin held a parade for 26 years. Photo: John Mahoney/Montreal Gazette

One of the toughest side effects of a COVID pandemic is a loved one. I can't mourn my death with my friends and family. Funerals, memorial services, visits and Shiva are restricted or not permitted. Over the last two years, some pillars of the community and the Greatest Canadian have been inherited and have not been properly sent off by admirers. Yesterday Canada Day, I couldn't help but remember the great patriot Roopnarine Singh. His death was relatively overlooked at the age of 86 earlier this year.

Cardiologist Roop Singh is the founder and lead organizer of the Montreal Canada Day Parade, focusing on nearly 30 years of annual celebrations in the city. I guessed. A long procession of floats and marching bands (and politicians) rolled along the streets of downtown to show the pride and patriotism of the people, heading to Place du Canada for speeches and large birthday cakes.

Shin came to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago in his twenties. Like many immigrants, he has become a proud and passionate Canadian who loves the country. His efforts gave him a nickname. Canada. "The annual event wasn't necessarily the most sophisticated of the parade, and was sometimes called the Folksey, but it was always symbolized in the most authentic way that made Canada special. It was a happy and warm show of unity between so many different language and cultural groups. The organization of the event was finally handed over to others. This yearheld for the third consecutive year without a parade.The organizers cited ongoing uncertainty and lack of funding regarding the pandemic.

Shin's infectious laughter, to his spirit and country Affection will continue to live and set an example for all Canadians today.

On consecutive days in March 2020, shortly after the beginning of the pandemic, we were two other prominent ones. Canadian, former Quebec State Justice Minister and MNAHerbert Marxandlost Senator Joingoldsteinabout recent events in both Quebec and Canadian politics It would certainly be interesting to have a view.

Marx was a professor of constitution at the University of Montreal and had a good sense of humor. He resigned from the Bourassa Cabinet in 1988 in principle. , The Prime Minister nevertheless invalidated the Supreme Court's ruling, which invalidated the ban on English in the commercial sign of Bill 101. In subsequent local elections, I was the Equality Party of Darcy McGee before him. I won the event. The day after the event, Marx called me and invited me to his house, basically telling me the constitution, the parliament, the horse riding, and the master class about what I'm doing. I was shocked because from that point on, we remained friendly. His thoughts on recent Quebec law and the current Minister of Justice, Simon Jorin Barrett, are certainly controversial. Will add some color.

Goldstein was a prominent Montreal lawyer appointed to the Senate. Like Marx, he is a professor at the University of Montreal. He was a very profound person, leading many organizations, mainly in the Jewish community of Montreal, and actively involved in volunteer community services. Dedicated much of his life. As a Liberal Senator, legal scholar, and strong federalist, Quebec will unilaterally change to the Canadian Constitution and undertake the Prime Minister's cold response to the move to establish itself as a country within Canada. Would be interesting.

The last line of Marx's obituary says, "There is no funeral at this time because of the coronavirus." It reminds us that we couldn't properly say goodbye to the myriad other Canadians as well as the three great Canadians we lost in the last few years.

Robert Libman is an architect and architectural planning consultant, Mayor of Côte Saint-Luc and a member of the Montreal Executive Committee, and has been a leader and MNA of the Equality Party. He was a conservative candidate in the 2015 federal elections. Twitter. com / robertlibman

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