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Robots help keep kitchen staff cool during Calgary heatwave

With heatwaves like the one Calgarians are currently suffering from, spending a day in a restaurant kitchen can be very difficult.

An example of this is the pizza culture, where pizza is made in the old, traditional style.

"The oven is straight from Naples, Italy," said Jeremy Hube, owner of Pizza His Culture. ``It's a hand-built brick oven that's been the same design for about 200 years.''

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900 degrees Fahrenheit — 400 degrees Celsius," Hube said.

So working together for hours at a time is tiring.

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"I sweat in places I never knew I could sweat," Hube said.

But there is one new spot in Calgary where his colleagues soak up all the heat and he doesn't mind a little.

The recently opened Space Robo His Chicken uses his robot arm to handle fried foods such as chicken and french fries.

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,” said Jin Li, the cook. "It's not hot."

With the help of robots, kitchen staff won't have to spend long hours near the fryer.

"Whether it's hot or cold, we always keep our distance," said Tyler Choi, owner of Space Robo Chicken.

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The restaurant is part of a chain based in Seoul, South Korea, with Calgary being its first location in Canada.

"I want to be like McDonald's and his KFC," Choi said. "We want to open across Canada."

It remains to be seen if other Canadian restaurants will add robots to their kitchens.

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"One day we may have robots making pizza, but we'll continue to do it by hand," Hube said. .

Hube said dealing with heat waves is all part of the business.

"It's not comfortable, but it's not the end of the world," Hube said. "We love making pizza, so we do what we do."

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