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Rumors that a school will be built in the park offend T.M.R.

The debate over where to build a new French primary school has been a source of trouble for many years.

T.M.R. residents began circulating a petition after hearing rumours a French elementary school might be built in Ernest B. Julien Park, a popular green space used by families who live in four high-rise apartment buildings beside the Metropolitan Expressway.
T.M.R. Residents began circulating the petition after hearing rumors that a French elementary school might be built in Ernest B. Julian Park, a popular green space used by families. Photo: Pierre Obendrauf/Montreal Gazette

After a long and difficult investigation, the town of Montreal Gazette I found a suitable place for the long-awaited French elementary school.

The school location is a strictly protected secret, T.M.R. Final confirmation from the Center de servicescolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, a former school board that runs schools in France, is pending.

However, until the official announcement, Mayor Peter Malouf remains silent and there are many rumors.

T.M.R. Residents in the North Rumors that a school could be built in Ernest B. Julian Park, a popular green space used by families living in four high-rise condominiums next to the Metropolitan Expressway. After hearing, I started to circulate the petition.

Residents who oppose the proposal also distributed leaflets, lamenting the potential loss of green space and lamenting the lack of public consultation.

Jana Stewart walks in the park, taking a walk every day, and says she often stops smelling roses and honeysuckles.

She said she was surprised by Stewart when she said last week she might have a neighbor replace the park with a new school.

She "is the only park in our district with a playground," Stewart said. "Children are always playing there. There are grandparents with strollers and people reading books on the bench. It's a lively park."

Others say the town is a horticultural society. It's ironic that he's considering digging up a park named after the long-time resident who founded it.

The debate over where to build a new French primary school has been a source of trouble for many years.

Two years ago, Parliamentarian Pierre Arcand caused a fuss when he proposed to build aschool on a soccer field adjacent to the Dunley Gardens. Local English elementary school.

Académie Saint-Clément was built for 350 students, but had 600 last year. Many students are in mobile classrooms that take away schoolyard space.
Académie Saint-Clément was built in 350 I was a student, but last year there were 600 students. Many students are in mobile classrooms that take up space in the school playground. Photo: Pierre Obendrauf/Montreal Gazette

The Quebec Government is T.M.R. Secured $ 25 million in a new French elementary school.

When the first talks took place in 2018, the former Marguerite-Bourgeois Board of Education (now called the Service Center) was sent to former T.M.R., part of Danle's football field. He said he chose to build a school. Mayor Philippe Roy told the official bulletin in 2020.

However, the plan was put on ice after British parents complained and the British Montreal School Board opposed the transfer of land.

Francophone's parents have been waiting for years for the new school to relieve the overcrowding of the three elementary schools.

Académie Saint-Clément was built for 350 students, but last year it was 600. Many students are in themobile classroom.

Some residents say it doesn't make sense to build a school under the flight path at Trudeau Airport, 100 meters from the highway 40 to 100 meters, close to the future REM commuter train.

"It's one of the most polluted areas in town," said the resident.

She wrote a letter after receiving calls and messages from residents who were worried about the future of the park.

In an interview with Montreal Gazette, Mr. Malouf said he could not reveal the location of the new school because the service center lawyer had not approved the plan.

After being elected mayor last November, Malouf has put together a committee of experts who have come up with a short list of suitable places.

Shortlist locations were shared with CSSMB staff, and CSSMB decided which location best suits the student's needs.

"Many of the kids in the Francophone Elementary School system were put on the trailer. That's not great for them or their teachers, they lose their school playground (space)." Said Marouf.

"CSSMB has made its own conclusions based on a short list. Now CSSMB is working with legal experts to ensure that the final choice works. Once they are blessed by an internal lawyer, we will be in a position to jointly announce. "

Marouf says whether Danle Garden's football field is on the shortlist. Refused to say.

The EMSB spokesperson is T.M.R. and CSSMB on the board.

"I'm happy to know if the Centerdeservicescolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys and the town have actually agreed to find land other than Dunrae Gardens," the board said in a statement.

To speed up the school construction process, Quebec empowers school service centers to require municipalities to transfer public property for "the purpose of building or expanding schools." Gave.

Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge justified the move, saying it would take too long to build a school.

  1. Karolina Weclas and other parents were upset at the prospect of the field next to Dunrae Gardens Elementary School — which is used as a schoolyard by the T.M.R. institution — being the site of a new French school. “We wanted to make sure that a decision wasn’t being made and we were the last ones to find out,” says Weclas, with sons Marcus, left, and Samuel.

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  2. Teacher Gurpreet Kaur works with student Valentina Amaru in one of four modular classrooms in December 2019. The modular classrooms were installed to address overcrowding.

    Spacious modular classrooms solve the overcrowding of Montreal West School

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