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Russia attacks Ukraine's capital Kyiv for the first time in a few weeks

Russia attacked the capital of Ukraine early on Sunday morning, attacking at least two homes, said Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

Kyiv's Associated Press journalist saw rescue teams fight the flames and rescue civilians. Klitschko said the two were injured and hospitalized.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko wrote in the Telegram messaging app that "14 missiles have been launched against the Kyiv region and Kyiv, according to preliminary data." Vitali Klitschko, mayor of the city of

, said one of the missile attacks partially destroyed a nine-story apartment building and caused a fire. He said the researchers were trying to take people from under the rubble. Ihor Klymenko, commander of the Ukrainian National Police, said on national television that five people were injured in the strike.

Ukrainian rescue teams are working outside a damaged house struck by a Russian missile in Kieu on Sunday. (Sergei Supinsky / AFP / Getty Images)

Prior to the early Sunday morning attack, Kieu had not faced such a Russian airstrike since June 5th. .. Russia's central city, Kyiv, spoke on Sunday in a Telegram app by former governor Oleksandr Skichico.

He didn't give any further details. Cherkasy has been largely unaffected by bombardment since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Bombers deployed from Belarus

Meanwhile, Russian troops are trying to swallow the last remaining Ukrainian fortress in the eastern part of Luhansk in Donbas, completely. Saturday, a chemical plant where hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians were trapped in the scorched ruins of Severodonetsk, which is gaining momentum after taking control of.

On Saturday, Russia also launched dozens of missiles in several parts of the country far from the center of the eastern battle. According to Ukrainian Air Force Command, some of the missiles were launched from Russia's long-range Tu-22 bomber, which was first deployed from Belarus.

The bombing preceded the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, during which Putin announced plans for Russia to supply Belarus with the Iskander-M missile system. ..

On June 23, during a military invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Ukrainian soldiers carried armored personnel carriers on the roads east of Luhansk. I got on. (Anatolii Stepanov / AFP / Getty Images)

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov was late Saturday, with Russian and Moscow-backed separatists in and around Severodonetsk. He said he controls the village. He said Ukrainian troops' attempts to turn the Azoth plant into a "stubborn center of resistance " were thwarted.

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Haidai said on Friday that Ukrainian troops had withdrawn from Severodonetsk after weeks of artillery and urban warfare. He confirmed on Saturday that the city had fallen into a Russian and separatist fighter. He said he is currently trying to block the neighboring city of Lysychans'k from the south. The city is on the other side of the river just west of Severodonetsk.

Russian Interfax news agency said that Russian troops and separatist fighters have entered Lysychans'k and the fighting is taking place in the center of the city, a separatist spokesman Was quoted. There was no immediate comment on the allegations from the Ukrainian side.

Lysychans'k and Severodonetsk were the focus of Russia's attacks aimed at occupying all of Donbas and destroying the Ukrainian troops that defended it. This is the most capable and combat-enhanced segment of the country's army.

Occupation of Lysychans'k will allow Russian troops to control all major settlements in the state, an important step towards Russia's goal of occupying the entire Donbus. Russians and separatists dominate about half of Donetsk, the second state of Donbas.