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Russian missiles hit the center of Kieu as world leaders gathered in Europe

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Tom Balmforce and Marco Julica

KYIV / POKROVSK — A Russian missile struck the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Sunday. A major setback for Ukraine and when world leaders gathered in Europe to discuss further sanctions on Moscow.

Since World War II entered its fifth month, the Western alliance supporting Kyiv has begun to show signs of tension as Europe's largest land conflict. Britain believed on Saturday that Ukraine could win, but said it was afraid that it could put pressure on a "bad" peace agreement.

A Russian missile attacked Kyiv's central Shebchenkiwsky district on Sunday morning, partially destroying a nine-story apartment and causing a fire, the mayor said. Vitali Klitschko mentioned in the Telegram Messaging app.

"There are people under the rubble," Klitschko said. He added that several had already been hospitalized.

"They (rescue team) pulled out a 7-year-old girl. She is alive. Now they are trying to save her mother."

At least 5 A person was injured, Ihor Klymenko, chief of police in Ukraine, said on national television.

Kyiv's life returned to normal after fierce resistance blocked Russia's advance in the early stages of the war, but air raid sirens were ringing regularly throughout the city.

Since June, there have been no major strikes against Kieu.

Russia denies targeting civilians, but Ukraine and the West have killed thousands, fled millions from Ukraine, and destroyed cities in conflict. He accuses the army of war crimes.

After the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops, Severodonetsk, the main battlefield city in the east, fell to pro-Russian troops on Saturday and no longer defends the abandoned city after months of fierce battles. He said there was nothing.

The collapse of Severodonetsk is a major defeat for Kyiv as it seeks to maintain control of the Kremlin's main military goal, the eastern Donbas region.

Moscow states that Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts in Donbas, which have been supporting the uprising since 2014, are independent countries. It requires Ukraine to ceded the entire territory of the two states to a separatist government.

G7 Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24 to ensure Russia's security and blame Ukraine. It was called "Special Military Operation". Kyiv and the West say the invasion is nothing more than Putin's seizure of land.

The war has a major impact on the world economy and Europe's security, pushing up gas, oil and food prices, reducing the European Union's dependence on Russia's energy and calling on Finland and Sweden to join NATO. I urged you.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo urged Russian and Ukrainian counterparts to begin dialogue during a peacebuilding mission to warring states and called on Putin to order an immediate ceasefire.

"We need to stop the war and revitalize the world's food supply chain," said Jokowi, widely known as President, at the Group of Seven (G7) Summit starting Sunday. I said before. Germany.

The United Nations warns that a prolonged war in Ukraine, one of the world's major grain exporters, could pose a global hunger crisis.

In an attempt to further tighten Russia's screws, G7 countries announced a new gold import ban from Russia when they began a summit meeting in the Bavarian Alps.

"The measures announced today will hit Russia's oligarchs directly and attack the center of Putin's war machinery," said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

NATO leaders will host a summit in Madrid from June 29th to 30th.


The collapse of Severodonetsk, which used to live in more than 100,000 people but is now a wasteland, has a major advantage in Moscow's thermal power. After a few weeks, it transformed the eastern battlefield. I only got a slow gain.

Russia's Interfax news agency has represented pro-Russian separatist fighters, saying that Russian and pro-Russian troops have also crossed the river into Rischansik. Quoted.

The two cities were the last major cities owned by the Ukrainian army in the east.

Zelensky vowed on Saturday's video address that Ukraine would regain the lost city, including Severodonetsk.

"I have no sense of how long it will last, or how many hits, losses, or efforts will be required before I can see that the victory is imminent," he said. Said.

Zelenskiy's senior adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych, said Ukrainian special forces were still in Sievierodonetsk to direct the Russians to fire. However, he did not mention that those forces showed direct resistance.

Luhansk Governor Serhiy Gaidai fired on Saturday at the Azot chemical plant in Sievierodonetsk, where hundreds of civilians were trapped, and bombarded the village of Pavlograd. Said. Shinetsky.

Both Ukraine and Russia have exchanged accusations of firing at Azoth. Russian-backed separatists in the region say evacuation was stopped by Ukrainian artillery.

In Pokrovsk, a Ukrainian-owned town of Donbus, Elena, an elderly woman from Lysychans'k in a wheelchair, was among the dozens of refugees arriving by bus from the front lines.

"Lysychans'k, I was horror last week. I couldn't take it anymore yesterday," she said. "If I die, I've already told my husband, bury me behind the house."

(Report by Reuters, written by Michael Perry and Alex Richardson, Edmund Edited by Cramant and David Clark)