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South Carolina Court Blocks Abortion Law, Senate Considers New Law

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James Pollard { . The other side was considering new limits.

The restrictions, previously blocked by federal courts, went into effect shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. We filed a lawsuit under the privacy protections of the state constitution. For the time being, abortion is once again legal in the state starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

"At this preparatory stage, the constitutionality of the law cannot be finally determined under the state's constitutional prohibition against unreasonable invasion of privacy," court said. is provisional disposition.

Meanwhile, the South Carolina Senate had just taken its first steps toward further restricting abortion.The Committee on Medical Affairs was invited Wednesday to consider the language of another abortion bill. We are now open for testimonials and public comments. On Tuesday, the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee introduced a bill to ban abortion almost entirely, with no exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. Parenthood South Atlantic president Jenny Black said the battle "isn't over yet."

"We commend the court's decision to protect the people of South Carolina from this cruel law that interferes with individual medical decisions," said Black. "Over six weeks, patients are forced to travel hundreds of miles for abortions or suffer the life-altering consequences of forced pregnancies."

Judge noted that Congress has the authority to make public policy decisions within the constraints of the U.S. and South Carolina constitutions.

The Supreme Court also opened its doors to measures that were considered politically impractical by the leading authors of the Senate's abortion bill. A public hearing was held about two months later.

In a debate over the January 2021 "fetal heart rate" law, Republican Senator Larry Grooms said the proposal offered "the greatest chance for fetal life." Grooms later said that exceptions for cases of rape and incest were necessary to gain sufficient support for the bill to pass.


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