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Sask. RCMP Warns About Text Message Extortion Scam For 'Escort' Service

Saskatchewan RCMP JoinsRegina Police Service (RPS) and Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC) to Warn Public About New Crime doing. Fraud includes text her messages, requests for payment, and threats of violence against victims and their families.

"In each report, complainants sent text messages from senders claiming to be from an escort company accusing victims of using their services without paying. Received"RCMP {13 Read Free.

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“The sender of the text message then demands payment and advises the victim that failure to pay will endanger the victim's own safety or that of family and friends. The messages are also accompanied by graphic images of violent scenarios such as assaults and murders."

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Earlier this week, the Regina Police Service issued a warning about the same extortion-based scam.

"They use very violent and very disturbing language, like 'rip off, cut off the head,'" said Elizabeth Popo, public relations and strategic communications manager at RPS. Witch said.

"From our interactions with other agencies, we understand reports are coming in across Canada, but in Regina, we've only started seeing reports in the last two weeks. There have only been five or six reports so far.”

Police are urging people to remain calm and think critically when faced with such situations.

``Don't react emotionally. 37}

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Her July 22 fraud alert, posted by the Canadian Fraud Prevention Center, noted "increased reports of violent extortion text messages." is warning you.

"The message alleges that the victim used or canceled the service, wasting the suspect's valuable time." Read alert.

“Messages threaten that you and your family could be targeted and harmed if payment is not sent. As an additional attempt, we indicate that the message may contain a photo of a weapon.According to the reports received, the victims do not use the services mentioned by the scammers."

The CAFC requires that anyone who receives athreatening message report details to the CAFC after contacting law enforcement.

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