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Prime Minister Saskathuwan will leverage former MLA, MP to lead "in-house" meetings on state autonomy

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has asked former Saskatchewan Party MLA and a former MP who recently participated in the Wexit movement to co-sponsor an "in-house" meeting on expanding Saskatchewan's autonomy. ..

Allan Kerpan — opposes the Saskatchewan party, reform MP — and veteran SP MLA Lyle Stewart (Thunder Creek) This month, it was chosen by Moe to lead a state-wide private conference.

"The Prime Minister has been talking about some sort of independence from Ottawa from an economic point of view for quite some time," Carpan told CBC'sMorning Editionhost Ted Deller on Monday. ..

Kerpan said he and Moe have met over the past few months and are now being asked to "try to measure the opinions and feelings of the people who live in our state."

After a few meetings, he says, the theme emerged.

"People say they are more like Quebec — In other words, the power that was originally given to our state under the Constitution is in our state.

"Probably [Quebec] alienation in Ottawa was more culturally based. Culture is included in it, but ours is probably more. It is economically based. ”

In 2021-22, $ 3.46 billion, or 19.1% of Quebec City's total revenue, came from the transfer from the federal government.

Mr. Carpan said, "I don't want the federation to really change," but Saskatchewan and all other states "all could be national nations." Said. 

Citizens A survey released in Aprilwants respondents to do more to the state to develop an identity different from Canada. I asked if you would like. In Saskatchewan, 40% said they liked the status quo and 24% said they wanted the state to do more to differentiate themselves.

Carpan states that he does not support the separatist movement.

"I'm not interested in independence from the Commonwealth, but I'm certainly very interested in some kind of independence from Ottawa," he said.

Carpan hosted a series of City Hall Meetings in 2019, hosted by Wexit Saskatchewan, asking "Can the Federation fix it?" I did.

At the time, Kerpan said, "I want to take a serious look at the independent Saskatchewan in the west. [Prime Minister Justin] Rather than having to suffer four years after Trudeau."

Trudeau looks at energy and environmental policies

When asked about specific areas of concern, Trudeau is a pipeline project, bills C-48 and C-69. , And pointed out the federal government's carbon pricing system.

"There is no new pipeline to bring oil and gas to market," he said. "That was a big problem."

In an interview, Deller mentioned that the federal government purchased the Trans Mountain Pipeline project for $ 4.5 billion in 2018.

"We'll see how it works," Deller said.

"And I'm still not sure it's the end of things," Carpan replied.

Kerpan pointed out bill C-69 and passed it in 2019. This allows the federal government to consider the impact of new resource projects on issues such as climate change. Bill C-48 was passed in 2019. , It prohibits tankers carrying more than 12,500 metric tons of oil from docking along the north coast of British Columbia.

Carpan says it's a problem. All states need to "manage their natural resources, including putting them on the market."

Regarding the federal government's carbon tax, which was passed by the Supreme Court in March 2021, Mr. Carpan said the tax, coupled with the new clean fuel regulations, was "very, very economical for farmers. Harmful to. "

Moe raises each issue mentioned by Kerpan and reiterates that he is not interested in the independent Saskatchewan.

In 2020, he appointed Stewart as the Legislative Secretary of State Autonomy.

In November 2021, Moe stated that he wanted to make Saskatchewan a "national state"

government speech. rice field. In 2021, he said, "I want to build a stronger and more independent Saskatchewan in the Commonwealth."

State Autonomy Legislative Secretary Lyle Stewart to host a series of state autonomy conferences by Alan Carpan Join in. (CBC News)

At the first of the internal meetings, Mr. Carpan "liked the idea that one attendee suggested that Saskatchewan collect its own income tax. ". 

When asked how to represent a meeting that is not open to the public, Kerpan stated that interested persons should contact the MLA. .. ..

Carpan said his tour was "essentially exactly the same" as the current local tour being conducted by new NDP leader Carlabeck. ..

More affordable than autonomy: Beck

On Monday, opposition leader Carlabeck said the government was inflation and living. 

Beck says affordability, education , and health care are the most important issues in the minds of the people of the state.

"It's no exaggeration to say that the federal government has expressed dissatisfaction," Beck said, but holding private meetings that could shape public policy is "troublesome." ". 

"Flaming the flames of separatism and increasing divisions have helped the people of Saskatchewan deal with what needs to be addressed by governments of all levels. I don't know if it's there, "she said.

If this is a government priority, she says the meeting needs to be open to the public and the findings need to be made public.

Beck said the meeting at this point was not "representative."

Kelpan costs

The government caucuses bear the cost of Kelpan.

"Government funds from certain MLA constituencies will not be used for his expenses," said John Saltask, chief of staff of the government's caucuses office.

Sartask said Carpan was a former MLA and "continues to be interested in what Saskatchewan can achieve and what are the barriers to its success."

"People who are interested in attending these particular meetings can definitely be contacted. More public events will be shown in the coming weeks from other forms of MLA. 

Hear | Former MLA AllanKerpan at the State Autonomy Conference:

Morning Edition-SaskatchewanSaskatchewan Government. Hold a series of meetings to discuss the state's "autonomy"

Have more "voice" in Saskatchewan on how to govern in Canada Do you want to Maybe you think we should be like Quebec in the Union. Our state government does, and it's heading to discuss this idea with people-personally-this summer.