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Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra and artist Allyson Glenn collaborate on a unique Dimensions in Sound program

Live music stimulates the senses, but for Allyson Glenn it is aexperienceand has a deeper effect.

"That's really interesting," Glenn said. "When I was a kid, I remembered all the colors of the numbers on the wall for some reason, but every time I thought about a number, I got one of this color for some reason."

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Colleagues this fact about themselves Immediately after sharing with, at the age of 24 in graduate school, she first heard the wordsynesthesia.

"I noticed the different shapes a few years later, a few Google searches and a little more about it," Glenn

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Some experts call synesthesia a neurological state, but for Glenn it is through another sensation. A phenomenon that allows you to experience one of her senses.

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"Numbers are colors," Glenn said. "But the numbers also have personalities and genders. Numbers 8 are red and female, number 7 is male and green. The letters have colors, but I have no gender relationship with them."

Glenn said that the color associated with the first letter of the name can remind a person, and the color often flashes before the person's name comes to her.

Her unique worldview inspired her collaboration with the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra in 2018.

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"We started talking and artistic director Dean McNeill gave us a concert. Why don't you put together one of the visuals? "Glen said. When they hear the sound, they move in space.

Glenn said she started learning how to make 3D animations at this point. With the help of her game program, she was able to develop 3D shapes in and out of space. The image was then projected behind the orchestra.

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The feedback was so positive that we got together again to create two unique scores for DimensionsinSound. did. According to Glenn, this collaboration has been approached in several ways in a more scientific way.

"The composer was commissioned by the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra," Glenn said. "Then they approached me with a lot of recorded sounds and asked me to write what I saw according to what I heard."

20 sounds to Glen Given to be audible, she was asked to fill out a form with what she could see.

Glenn said she was aware that this would allow composers to develop music and that certain visuals would reappear within the music score.

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"They give me Don't tell me about the origins or inspirations you gave me the music, but didn't do after that, "Glen said. "And they didn't even know what kind of visuals I would create for music."

Two songs with two very different themes, "Above the Deluge," Glenn Reminiscent of the sea and underwater experience, "In the Fray" asked Glenn to hear the more industrial sounds that influenced the footage of older films. It looked like it was upside down.

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For artistic director Dean McNeill, Dimensions in Sound is an experience that helped him grow as a musician. did.

"This project and music in general," McNeil said. "But in fact, this project has taught me not to assume that you know someone else's story."

This is how unique music is. It is a program that we hope that participants will have a better understanding of what they can experience.

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