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Senegalese diplomat arrested in Gatineau owed $45,000 to landlord, rental board found

The Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that diplomats were "handcuffed and barbarically beaten" by Gatineau police.

Gatineau police.
Gatineau police.Photo courtesy of Tony Caldwell/Postmedia

Senegalese diplomat arrested and beaten by GatineauPolice owed more than $ 45,000 to the landlord last week, according to a Quebec housing court ruling.

Police intervened when a court officer appeared at the house of Oumou Kalsoum Sall, who works as a counselor at the Senegalese embassy in Ottawa.

In June, the Court Office (TAL) told a diplomat, former landlord Michelle Remei, $ 23,000 to replace furniture, the structure of the house where he lived from November 1st to October 2018. I ordered you to pay $ 13,500 for the damage. .31, 2020.

"The picture speaks for itself," administrative judge Anne A. La Verdure wrote in her judgment. "Furniture is full of cockroaches. There are scratches and scratches on the furniture. Some are missing. Everything is dirty."

Apart from the cost of getting rid of cockroaches, the landlord is on the stall I used the shower all the time with the door open, and the walls and floor were flooded with water, so I repaired it for $ 50,000.

The tenant was not present during the TAL hearing.

Laverdure also gave Lemay thousands more dollars for other damages.

According to court records, the debt was not paid and the executioner went to Karsomsar's residence in Gatineau on August 2 and seized property in connection with the debt.

Senegal accused police of "barbarically beating" one of its diplomats last week. Gatineau police said they were dealing with an "aggressive person" who injured two police officers.

In a statement released Thursday and Friday, the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, "On August 2, Canada at the residence of a Senegalese diplomat working at the Senegalese embassy in Otawa. Reported a peculiar violent assault by police. " I had a problem with him, "so he was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

On Friday night, Gatineau police said in a statement that police were called in to help the executioners carry out their orders around 1:30 pm on August 2. They said the person was "aggressive and refused to cooperate," and police intervened to explain the process, "at which point police officers were beaten in the face and injured."

"Then police officers decided to proceed with the arrest of the person in order to end the breach for the safety of the attendees. The person resisted their arrest and two. The officer was bitten and injured. The person was then placed on the ground for detention. "

The executive officer was under the supervision of a police officer. I was able to execute the command while being behind the police car.

"The person has never mentioned any injuries or pain during the cross-examination," police said.

Rescuers intervened around 3 pm. I asked the Gatineau police for help.

Senegal accused police of "using humiliating physical and moral violence (to diplomats) in front of witnesses and in front of her minor children." There is. The country said it had summoned a Chargé d'Affaires to the Canadian Embassy in Dakar and presented a letter of protest to Canadian authorities.

The Senegalese government has called for investigation and prosecution for "a serious breach of the 1961 Vienna Treaty on diplomatic relations."

Gatineau police say they have contacted state and federal authorities.

The case is also under investigation by the Quebec Independent Investigation Agency (BEI), which investigates all police activities in Quebec that have died or were seriously injured after being requested by Quebec to. is. Minister of Public Security, Geneva Gilbeau.

Quebec International Relations Minister Andre Laforest said questions were raised by police intervention, adding that officials enjoyed diplomatic immunity thanks to the 1961 Congress of Vienna. With his immunity, the Quebec Criminal Charge Department withdrew the complaint filed by the Gatineau police against diplomats.

Global Affairs Canada said, "I am very concerned about the treatment allegedly given to Senegalese diplomats by the Gatineau police," adding that the case was "simply unacceptable."

"We are awakening to the various levels of government involved and expect a thorough investigation. Minister (Melanie) Jolly contacts Senegal's counterparts We are in a fight. Canada will continue to work fully with Senegal to remedy this disappointing situation, "the ministry emailed Press Canadian on Saturday. "Canada takes its obligations under the Vienna Treaty very seriously."

Former United Nations and Canadian Ambassador to Haiti Gils Riverd said what happened in the August 2 incident. I don't know exactly, but some diplomats said they could be offensive. It does not affect their behavior.

"They can be aggressive because they know they are immune, and they believe they can do whatever they want," he said in an interview on Tuesday. Stated.

Police are not supposed to formally arrest a diplomat, but handcuffs while waiting for the police officer to confirm his diplomatic status. There is a possibility of calling, Mr. Riverd said.

"But then, if that person indicates she is a diplomat, or he is a diplomat, they usually have to be released," he said.

In 2001, a Russian diplomat attacked and killed a woman while driving in Ottawa. The Canadian government waived the diplomat's immunity and asked Russia to sue in Canada, but Russia refused, Riverd said, saying that Canada's only option in that case was to expel the diplomat. Added.

Mr Riverd said he believed the August 2 incident was not serious enough to undermine good relations between Canada and Senegal.

The Senegalese embassy in Ottawa did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent by email on Tuesday afternoon. I couldn't respond to the call to the embassy.

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