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Deshaun Watson's final lawsuit issue

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Juan A. Lozano

HOUSTON (AP) — A lawsuit filed in March 2021 found that the first woman accused Deshawn Watson of sexually misbehaving during a massage session. It was just the first step in a long saga that ultimately included 23 more civil lawsuits, criminal investigations and a possible indefinite suspension by the NFL.

Cleveland's Browns quarter after Thursday's announcement that Watson and her NFL agreed to suspend her for 11 games and fine her $5 million as part of a disciplinary settlement. The only legal issue pending with Buck is hers. unresolved litigation.

"Except for his one last civil case, he could look at it and say that the door on this matter, at least legal proceedings, was closed. ,” said David Ring. A California attorney who has represented victims of sexual assault in an unrelated case. "As for the court of public opinion and how fans will react to him, I think it's something he's still dealing with. I think it's going to be a while."

Sued Watson Tony Busby, an attorney representing his 24 women, was outraged at the NFL settlement.

At a press conference earlier this month, Busby called on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to "do the right thing." After being suspended for six games by a federal judge, the NFL said it would appeal the decision and seek an indefinite suspension.

"By solving this problem the way he did, Roger Goodell has proven one of two things. His recent rhetoric is utterly ridiculous." Dolphin or his barking is far worse than his bite," Buzbee said in a statement released Thursday. "Today's message to all victims is clear: If you think someone in power has sexually assaulted you, shut your mouth and walk away."

Twenty-four women said Watson Watson was still with the Houston Texans when he filed a lawsuit for exposing his genitals, touching his genitals, and kissing him against his will during a massage appointment. One woman claimed Watson forced her to perform oral sex.

Watson, who has previously denied any wrongdoing, was traded to the Browns in March.

After the settlement was announced, Watson told reporters in Berea, Ohio, "Yeah, I'm moving on with my career and my life, and I'm continuing to maintain my innocence."

The case led to a criminal investigation involving the Houston Police Department.

Police Detective Kamesha Baker told Busby that he believed Watson committed the crime in 10 criminal complaints filed against the quarterback, but in March, two Texas grand jurors Watson declined to prosecute.

Earlier this month, Buzbee announced that Watson had settled 23 of the 24 lawsuits against him.

Thirty women accused of turning a blind eye to allegations against the star quarterback have announced they have settled legal claims against the team.

"Just because a settlement or something like that happened doesn't mean the person is guilty of anything," said Watson.

Busby said he would continue to discuss the remaining cases with Watson's legal team.

"I think these victims see it as a mixed bag." said the ring. "They didn't get everything they wanted. Unfortunately, our justice system makes it difficult to win outright victories, both criminal and civil."



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