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"There's a lot to do": lawyer, daughter of murder victim shares proposal in inquest

OntarioThe government has adequately funded support services and used intimate violence to prevent tragedy such as the triple murder that occurred in. You need to set up an independent committee to end it. In the 2015 OttawaValley, a lawyer spoke to a coroner's cause of death hearing on Friday.

Carol Kaleton, Natalie Warmerdam and Anastasia Kujik were appointed on September 22, 2015 by Ottawa byBasil Boltsky, whose history of violence is known. Killed on land in a valley. For women.

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To conclude the submission, lawyers and Warmerdam's daughter Valerie proposed 72 to prevent future deaths and protect victims of such violence in rural areas. I have presented a recommendation. They involve state and federal governments, Ontario's Supreme Firearms Officer, the Supreme Coroner's Office, the Ontario Information Privacy Commission, and those involved in the cause of death inquiry process.

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This is a "appropriate and stable" from the state for organizations that provide intimate violence support services. Issues as well as the need for funding and a new approach to public education campaigns to raise awareness about the topic.

They state that Ottawa should implement a national action plan on gender-based violence and consider adding the term femicide and its definition to criminal law.

Inquest lawyer Prab Rajan said that changes related to intimate violence and femicide "must occur before the next generation of women have to deal with pain and suffering. It must happen immediately. "

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"We must start when the abuser is not the abuser. He is a child, then a young man, and a young man, frankly he is born. When we were his parents before, we had to give him a lamp for potential violence such as counseling and various support, "Rajan said.

"I think we, as a society, have put so many responsibilities on women to deal with abuse. Men should at least not share their responsibilities."

The jury does not blame the deaths of Carton, Kujik, and Natalie Warmerdam, but investigates the circumstances leading up to their death and proposes recommendations to prevent similar tragedy. Leslie Roam said.

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Boltsky crosses Ottawa On the morning of September 22, 2015, Valley strangled 66-year-old Kaleton at a Convermere cottage and died. Then he stole her car and drove to the 36-year-old Kujik's house in Wilno. There he shot and killed her sister when she ran for her life.

From there, Boltsky drove to her house in 48-year-old Warmer Dam in Bonnetcher Valley Township and shot her when her son fled.

In 2017, Borutski was sentenced to life imprisonment for 70 years without parole for murder.

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The inquest heard that the perpetrator was convicted of assaulting his former partner when he was 20 years old. He continued the pattern of extreme violence with his close partners for the next 40 years.

A review of the case presented in the Inquest was a 2010-2015 triple murder by a friend, family member, or expert who was involved in Boltsky's life and noticed his violent behavior. Threats suggesting that there were as many as 120 opportunities for intervention in between.

Cause of death hearings also helped Boltsky to avoid participating in a court order enforcement program for abusers, as Boltsky was considered high risk as early as the fall of 2013, perpetrators. Revealed that he was forbidden to carry firearms. I was able to get the shotgun he used in his past convictions, but somehow in the deadly 2015 rampage.

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Witness testimony, on the other hand, victims of intimate partner violence in rural communities, privacy and anonymity He emphasized that he is facing some barriers, such as lack of sex. Uneven mobile phone services and isolation in the community. This will prevent you from seeking support.

Kirsten Mercer, a lawyer to end violence against women in Renfrew County, praised the inquest.

"I think we have created a positive cause of death hearing, a constructive cause of death hearing, and an accessible and trauma-based cause of death hearing," she said.

Mercer thanked five jury members, both male and female, in Renfrew County for participating in the inquest process and seeing their nominations. She said she was looking forward to it.

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"We are very much looking forward to what you have to say. We hand you a pen and tell you what you have learned and what you want in your community, Your family is ready to hear for the future, "she said.

Valerie Warmer Dam agreed.

"Even with your advice, there is still work to be done. We need to follow through and take action on those recommendations, these Getting the political will to make things happen can require the attention of the public, and we know it needs money, which people never want to give It's not a thing, "she said.

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A lawyer representing the Government of Ontario recommends that the jury "provide flexibility in application and design." Said that they need to be created and added recommendations to be considered in "The Careful and Serious Thoughts and Considerations They Deserve".

The cause of death hearing, which began on June 6, is expected to hear the jury's verdict and recommendations next week.

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