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Staffing is a top priority for New Brunswick healthcare professionals

Two New Brunswick health authorities are working on staff shortages, leaving hundreds of positions unfilled. This can be a challenge as the state is considering implementing a five-yearhealthcareplan. ..

"The new step depends on having the right resources and staff to make it possible," said Dr. Mark McMillan, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society. I am.

"Therefore, recruitment and retention will continue to be important factors at this time."

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According to both figures, there are 181 vacant seats for doctors among the state health authorities. .. The number of nurses is even higher, with 708 registered nurses and 262 licensed actual nurses unfilled.

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Brunswick Nurse Union's new president, Paula Dusset, is enough to keep up with current service demand He said there weren't enough people in the system. Add a new one by itself.

"We are in front of the storm and are trying to find our way with the resources we have," she said.

"Currently, this state has practical nurses, registered nurses, and more, who are fully licensed to run all of the New Brandswicker healthcare systems. For example, there are no nurses. ”

Staff recruitment and retention methods were not included in the health plan as one of the five major areas of action, but many of them are appropriate. We admit that we depend on the level of our staff. The state

states, "We will try to tackle the problem by developing innovative educational and clinical training models." A shorter training program combined with empirical learning. It also speeds up the recognition of foreign qualifications by medical professionals trained abroad.

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NB Medical Society also As a recruiting partner brought. Dr. McMillan says he needs more than job information to attract recent staff.

"We need to advertise the entire state," he said.

"Every state is looking for a doctor. We are competing by showing how great it is to live in N.B., having a very consensus work environment and great. It needs to be attractive and prominent against. It's a place to live and a great place to raise a family. "

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Health is a full-time doctor recruitment position for Horizon. Has recently become vacant, but officials said they hope to fill it soon. A roundtable meeting is also scheduled for Wednesday to discuss ways to streamline recruitment.

On Wednesday, a full-day tabletop workshop will be held to bring all stakeholders together and better coordinate their efforts. This includes practice facilitators from across the spectrum of the medical and nursing community, fine-tuning their approach to recruitment and improving to ensure better collaboration, "Michel Genard said in her email. I am saying.

"We need to work with plans targeting these areas of the most deprived states, otherwise provide healthcare services to all Newbrands Wickers. Instead of cooperating for, the regions may compete with each other. "

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But it's short-term There is little to deal with staffing. To help address the additional shortages caused by the summer vacation season, the government has called on traveling and retired nurses to pick up shifts.

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Doucet needs more stereotyped thinking to mitigate problems in the short term.

"We need to discuss the temporary integration of services again so that we can provide at least some excellent services, and nurses and other healthcare providers will provide the services. I feel supported by the skeleton crew trying to do it, in every corner of the state, "she said.

Last spring, Doucet proposed the idea to Premier Blaine Higgs, suggesting that Moncton Hospital and Georges L. Dumont Hospital share some services to address the summer staff shortage. did. Higgs told reporters that he was interested in the idea, but he couldn't go any further.

"We need to see how much human resources we are currently providing in this state," she said.

"Three summers after COVID, I'm having a harder time maintaining my healthcare system."

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