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Bags jammed at the airport in Paris get entangled in the travel boom

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The airline worked on Saturday to deliver packages to passengers around the world. Due to a technical breakdown, at least 1,500 bags were packed at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and there were some of the latest tangles that hit travelers this summer.

According to the airport operator, a technical malfunction occurred in the airport's baggage sorting system on Friday, leaving 15 flights without baggage and leaving about 1,500 pieces of baggage on the ground. The airport processed a total of about 1,300 flights on Friday, the operator said.

Coalition activists said more passengers flew without bags, apparently due to the knock-on effect of the original breakdown.

I came when airport workers were on strike at a French airport demanding more employment and more wages to catch up with high global inflation. Due to the strike, aviation authorities canceled 17% of flights from Paris Airport on Friday morning and another 14% on Saturday.

Passengers on canceled flights were warned a few days before the flight. The Charles de Gaulle scene on Saturday was busy, but typical of the first weekend of July, when the French summer travel season begins.

The union will continue the strike on Sunday, but so far the flight has not been cancelled. If negotiations with the company's management did not succeed in finding a compromise, they threatened to resume the strike next weekend.

So far, French airports have largely escaped the recent turmoil seen at airports in London, Amsterdam and other European and American cities. Airlines and airports that have significantly reduced their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis are struggling to keep up with the surge in demand as travel revives after two years of virus regulation.