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Alouettes isn't good enough and hasn't hit rock bottom yet

"We are 2-6 years old. It's hard to claim the fact that we are 2-6 years old. That's exactly where we are." Said General Manager and Interim Head Danny Masiosia.

Alouettes defensive-lineman Mike Moore launches himself at Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros during first quarter Thursday night at Molson Stadium.
Alouettes defensive lineman Mike Moore launches in Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros Thursday night at Molson Stadium in the first quarter. Photo by Paul Chiason/Canadian Press

Optimists allow Alouette to hold themselves On Thursday night, I played against Winnipeg Blue Bombers (the best team in the CFL) for 41 minutes at home.

However, realists sawwith a final score ofand won two undefeated (9-0) defending Gray Cup champions 35-20. I admit it. Ars is simply not enough. The bomber knows how to win while Ars continues to look for answers.

Montreal struggled in the third quarter of the season, but beat Winnipeg 11-7 in its 15-minute sequence. So when Ars collapsed, the team tied 14-14 and headed for the important final frame, finding yet another way to lose while outscoring 21-6.

This included allowing a 57-yard punt return touchdown in the middle of Ars's cover team by Janalion Grant when Montreal dragged with a touchdown alone. Montreal quarterbackTrevor Harris threw two intercepts during this period, probably when backup Dominique Davis connected with Reggie White Jr. in the last minute. He stood on the bench mercifully.

With a 2-6 record back in Winnipeg on Thursday, the team is in big trouble despite playing in the weak east. When it was over, the game had a funeral feel.

And Ars hasn't bottomed out yet. Things can get worse, and probably so.

General Manager and Interim Head Coach Danny Masiosia must be aware of it, but not. The same is true for players. Montreal has been 1-3 since Masiocia replaced the dismissed Khari Jones last month. Coaching changes have not had the desired effect.

"When we came back and tied it, it didn't blur a bit (Winnipeg)," Maciocia said. "We're not on that team right now."

Ars hasn't thrown towels in the season yet, but the day seems to be approaching soon. Harris will keep the quarterback open, but what alternatives exist, according to Massiocia. Vernon Adams Jr. is on the injured list for six games. It leaves Dominique Davis and Rookie Davis Alexander, who are better runners than pure passers-by.

Harris completed 16 of the 26 passes on Thursday night, but only 127 yards and one touchdown. Harris utilized seven different receivers, but only Eugene Lewis was effective, with nine catches at 123 yards, including 37 yards. The rest of the receivers are not pulling their weight. White got 2 catches at 33 yards and Jake Winnike, who doesn't exist this season, got 3 catches at 17 yards. Ars had only received two pass sprays over 20 yards.

Harris is a pure pocket passer, but when he was 36, he didn't have the wheels to avoid danger. He was fired by Winnipeg three times. And with the exception of Lewis, the receiver doesn't seem to be open, forcing Harris to be nearly perfect with his throw.

"Identify who feels they can build their foundation and core by moving forward, and as they progress, there are the right elements to plug in and give them the opportunity to win the game. Make sure that. Masiocia said, "These are things we need to understand in the next few moments."

Ars is a stupid punishment. Receive and keep shooting your feet. Montreal was able to lead Winnipeg to the field goal only 7-6 in the middle of the third quarter. But first, Tyris Bevelett was nailed because of its roughness. Then Mike Moore was called to stack up above all else. The bomber eventually invested capital and recorded a touchdown.

Maciocia has addressed the Beverette penalty when returning to the side business. "It wasn't really accepted."

"Sure, we're not playing like a good team," said the team's designer, after Jones fired. Said Masiocia, the man of the cross. "That's not surprising. I'm not going to make fun of you and make you believe this is a good team. To be a good team you have to play that way. There's something there ... We need to unblock. We need to understand what it is.

"I think they are still good soccer players," he added. .. "But I'm sitting here and I'm 2-6 years old. It's a little hard to argue the fact that we're 2-6 years old. That's exactly where we are. This is back It's something that needs to be reassessed. Everything (at the receiver) goes through (Lewis). We just need everyone else to step up. We need to start the running game. . Same attack line as last year. Defensive line is as good as last year, but for strange reasons it can be difficult to reach the quarterback. We are making a play, but the yard is big I'm giving up on the lumps too. "

The bomber has played his second road game since last Saturday and is ready for picking. QuarterbackZack Collarosthrew three passcuts and failed once. He had four turnovers, yet Ars could only generate 3 points from them. Ars wasted a great opportunity to knock off the CFL King.

"There is nothing else to add," Maciocia said.

  1. Alouettes cornerback Rodney Randle Jr. knocks the ball out of the hands of Blue Bombers wide-receiver Rasheed Bailey during the second quarter Thursday night at Molson Stadium.

    Alouette does not have access to the losing Blue Bomber