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Missing: Detectives will not rest "until they are closed"

MO NA HU is among the missing in Toronto.
MONAHU is missing in Toronto not clear. Photo courtesy of: HANDOUT /TORONTO POLICE

At least half a dozen times a day, Toronto police officers are missing Notification of unknown person.

They are usually found within a few hours.

But sometimes it isn't.

Following an investigation into Bruce McArthur's serial killer, Toronto police have restarted a dormant missing person unit since the early 1990s. The unit is currently under the umbrella of Murder.

The yellowed file contains hundreds of men, women, and children who simply disappeared.

"These are all people who disappeared without a trace," Det said. -Sgt. Steve Smith toldToronto Sun, "There are many reasons why people are missing, but they are rarely never contacted."

The head of the Cold Case and Missing Persons unit said police officers needed public help to find the answer.

"No matter how trivial it may seem, any hint is important," Smith said, and his troops "are actively investigating all of these historic events.

"We will not rest until all unresolved cases are over. These missing persons and their families are worth more."

These are some of the most troublesome missing person cases in the city.

Francis Tan is one of the city’s oldest missing persons cases. (Toronto Police)
Francis Tan is the oldest missing person in the city. It's one of the incidents. (Toronto Police)


When:October 27, 1962

411:Francis Tan, 24, left his home in Toronto at midnight the night he disappeared with two strangers. He was never seen again. Few details are available about Tan's disappearance.

Muriel Jones disappeared in 1959. (Toronto Police)
Muriel Jones disappeared in 1959. (Toronto Police)


When:Someday in 1959

411:Details The disappearance of the divorced Muriel Jones, 39, remains uncertain. Her ex-husband told the detective that Muriel was planning a trip to western Canada. Even the day she disappeared is foggy. There were rumors that Jones actually quietly moved west and broke all connections with her past life.

Crystal Van Huuksloot
Crystal Van Huuksloot


When:October 9, 1977

411:Crystal, 20, 20 years old, arrived in Toronto from Edmonton and carried $ 3,000 in a money belt to pay her boyfriend Stacy Harris's bailout to Dope Beef. Harris told the young woman to meet with the infamous Loan Shark and mob executor Ian Rosenberg about getting her remaining $ 12,000. However, her contract with Rosenberg was unsuccessful, and she told Harris that the gang would give her a lift to the airport. She never boarded the plane. Rosenberg later told police officers that he had actually dropped her off. After a month. Rosenberg and his girlfriend have frozen in the settlement of their Underworld account.

An undated photo of George Norman Heys with his niece Kimberly.
Dateless photo of George Norman Hayes and his niece Kimberly ..Photo courtesy of COURTESY /KIMBERLY HEYS


When:November 28, 1978

411:Hays, 22, was medically on the day he disappeared from the city center of downtown. A reservation was planned. In June 2020,Toronto Sunassociated the disappearance of Haze with the body of John Doe floating on Lake Ontario near Syracuse, New York. Both men had exactly the same tattoos. Family and police are still waiting for confirmation.

Joe Vetere. (Toronto Police)
Joe Betere. (Toronto Police)


When:September 19, 1979

411:Bethele, 27, was last seen around 1061 WestonRd. He has never been contacted and there are few details available about Bethele and his disappearance. He has tattoos and needle marks.

Nicole Morin, 8, was last seen leaving her mother’s apartment to meet a playmate in the lobby of their West Mall building in Etobicoke. She never met her friend and has not been seen since.
Nicole Morin, 8, is in his mother's apartment. Was the last to be seen to meet. He is a playmate in the lobby of the West Mall building in Etobicoke. She has never met her friend and has not been seen since.Photo: Toronto Sun/File Photo


When:July 30, 1985

411: 8-year-old Nicole Morin takes an elevator and companions for a swimming date in the pool of an apartment complex in West Mall. I met you. She was alive and she was never seen again. Despite her brave efforts to this day, there are few clues as to what happened. Police officers believe she was kidnapped.


When:March 8, 2021

411:Boukhanov meets his father and picks up his bed Ottawa's apartment that had become. He never showed. Pal said he was talking about "worst preparation" and life in the woods. He cashed his last salary and police say his road led to Union Station. Here, he rented a storage unit at the eastern end and misplaced some of his belongings.


When:July 15, 2021

411:Hu was told by her for several months when he contacted the police. I didn't get in touch. Officers discovered that 42-year-old Hu had left home three years ago without her forwarding address. Instead, the detective learned that President Hu had made a short-term rental. Her last rent is a waterfront condo. She said she was going to go home alone. She has no evidence that she has left the country.


When:October 2, 1990

411: Wong, 23, After going to the movies with my boss, I returned to my home in the Jane Street-Eglinton Avenue area just before 10 pm. When she came in, her boyfriend called and Mabel wanted to avoid it. About 30 minutes later, she left again saying she had an appointment with her sister, but she didn't say where it was or who she was meeting. Her Toyota Tercel was discovered 5 hours later. Her family said she had been stalked by her ex-girlfriend's boyfriend when she disappeared.

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