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"The truth is told": AFN President leads the procession to the annual meeting

Despite efforts to limit her participation,National Chief RoseAnne Archibaldwas on TuesdayFirst Nations plenary session. I led a large procession to the next general meeting.

She wore regalia and carried an eagle staff — her sacred responsibility as chief of state — and elders, veterans, chiefs, and representatives from the Vancouver Convention Center Ball. Continued to the room.

"I'm the leader who actually gets stronger through it when a difficult situation arises," she told reporters before the procession.

"I don't think it's going to be a difficult day. It's just a day to reveal the truth. The truth is never hard to tell."

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Archibald was suspended this month by the AFN Executive Committee and its domestic board of directors until the results of a workplace complaint investigation by four staff members.

The day before, Archibald publicly called for a court audit and an independent investigation into congressional corruption and alleged "toxicity." According to the executive committee, her allegations violated the organization's whistleblower policies and codes of conduct, and her oath of office.

Archibald claimed that the four staff members who complained to her wanted to pay more than $ 1 million, but she refused to offer it. ..

Since the controversy began in the middle of the month, the Secretary of State has been banned from attending the annual meeting, allowed to attend, removed some of the proceedings, and then reverted.

Before the big procession on Tuesday, a small rally was held outside the Vancouver Convention Center to support her and blame her for describing her as an effort to "silence" her. ..

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Donna of the Squamish State Cole Group has attended AFN meetings on a regular basis in the past and said that the "deflection tactics" of parliamentary executives did not surprise her.

"We saw it in person and witnessed misogyny, concealment, lack of transparency, and now that we have our first female president, it feels much more personal. "She told Global News.

"So we can't let her do this ourselves. She needs support. We need to stand with her."

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At the rally, Archibald repeatedly quoted her concerns, corruption, economic irregularities at AFN, and a culture of "closed-door transactions." She urged the chiefs and agents (more than 440 in total) attending the General Assembly to "regain" the week's meeting from her executives.

"I know the truth resonates with our chiefs," she said. "The truth is told, the truth is recognized by the chiefs, and they will act in a good way that is in the best interests of the people, not the best interests of AFN executive regional chiefs."

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Asked about the controversy, Northwest Territory AFN Regional Chief Gerald Antoine said it was a year It is important that everything is "put on the table" at the next general meeting.

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"We all need to give ourselves time and space to share. That's it. Instead, seeing what the racket is, how we can work together to understand the situation and move forward, "he told Global News.

He said it was important to stop supporting Archibald's audit call and consider "evaluating what we are doing."

"I think this is a family gathering and it's time to talk to each other in a good way."

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More than 2,400 representatives "walk the healing path" from July 5th to July 7th. The annual meeting is held under the banner.

In the opening remarks on Tuesday, the speakers (including Archibald) focused on the message.

"I'm standing here today to welcome you and let you know that you love and care for each of you in this room," she said. "This conference is a historic conference. We know we can walk this together in a good way."

Squamish National Council. Welcoming participants to the community, Kersilem thanked Archibald and others for taking the time out of their daily lives to work for future generations.

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Archibald is expected to speak again in front of the delegation on Tuesday.

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