There are now four COVID-19 outbreaks in Ottawa hospitals

The earlier outbreak was declared on A5/B5 and AMA units at the Civic.

“We understand the stress this may add to patients during their treatment,” The Ottawa Hospital said in a statement. “Care teams are interacting with patients regularly and safely to assure them that staff are taking all necessary precautions to protect their safety.”

Montfort Hospital is also the site of two outbreaks of COVID-19 this week, one among ancillary staff and a second on unit 3C, according to Ottawa Public Health, that also involved staff

In a statement, the hospital said it is still investigating to understand how the staff members became infected. The staff members are self-isolated at home.

Meanwhile, patients at the hospital are being monitored for symptoms of COVID-19 and any patient with symptoms will be isolated.

The hospital noted that Ottawa Public Health defines an outbreak as one or more patients with lab-confirmed COVID-19 where there is reasonable probability that it was acquired in the hospital or two or more cases of acute respiratory infection among healthcare workers that are epidemiologically linked and one is confirmed COVID-19, or one case of COVID-19 in a patient with an epidemiological link to a healthcare worker who has tested positive.

The province has not provided a definition of what constitutes an outbreak in a hospital.

Bone marrow transplant patients at The Ottawa Hospital’s General campus, some of the most vulnerable in the hospital, are being closely monitored for symptoms of COVID-19 after the hospital declared an outbreak in the unit this week.

The outbreak, the second at The Ottawa Hospital, was declared in conjunction with Ottawa Public Health after one patient in the unit tested positive. An earlier outbreak had been declared at the Civic campus in a unit where another patient had tested positive. It is unclear how either patient was infected.

The patient in the bone marrow transplant unit is in isolation and was not in contact with other patients, the hospital said in a statement.

Bone marrow transplant patients, who have vulnerable immune systems, are at a high risk of serious complications if exposed to the novel Coronavirus.

The unit takes added precautions to protect them, even beyond the strict measures elsewhere in the hospital, said a spokesperson. All patients in the unit have private rooms and are currently isolated.

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