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Thousands of Afghans who supported the Canadian Army could be left behind: MPs, NGOs

Parliamentarians and charities helped people at special risk from the Canadian Army and the TalibanTwoimmigrants for AfghanistanWarns that the program is almost full and thousands of people at risk can be left behind.

Canada has created a special program for Afghans in support of Canadians, including interpreters for the military and its families. We have also established a humanitarian program for vulnerable Afghans, including LGBTQ people and human rights advocates.

The Government of Canada has promised to bring 40,000 Afghans toCanadathrough these two programs and other routes, including private sponsors.

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Immigration Bureau We have confirmed that we have received about 15,000 applications and referrals to the remaining 3,000 spaces out of the 18,000 spots in the Afghanistan program that supported Canada.

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Aidan Strickland, a spokesman for Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, said the government was " in Afghanistan. We will not stop special immigration measures for refugees. "

However, she said the Immigration Bureau was "introduced by the Canadian Department of Defense and Global Affairs Canada for the remaining space in the special immigration program."

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Of the 14,935 applications received so far, according to Immigration Bureau statistics, 10,670 people have been approved for this program.

To date, approximately 7,000 Afghanistan have arrived in Canada through this program.

NDP MP Jenny Kwan said he was also informed that there were no more spots left as he applied for participation in another humanitarian program from Afghanistan.

"What I'm hearing in the field is that the available spots are full, or at least spoken," said a member of Parliament's Special Commission on Afghanistan. One Kwan said. "Very many will be left behind."

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Over 8,700 Afghans have arrived in Canada under a humanitarian program.

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This program relies on referrals from the United Nations Refugee Agency and European-based human rights groups.

Kwan said these referral spots were also said to be full.

Non-governmental organizations and opposition lawmakers have called on the minister to extend the program, warning that many vulnerable Afghans, including interpreters who assisted the Canadian Army, will face retaliation from Tullivan. There is.

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Group Many of the NGOs working in Afghanistan met with Immigration officials last month and were told that the spot would soon fill up.

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They and the MP warned that the program's spots were filled, and the Afghans who helped the Canadians got stuck. You will be at the mercy of the Taliban.

Afghans living in Canada told the Parliament's Special Afghans Commission that the Taliban are hunting down and persecuting the Afghans who helped the Canadian Army. Some Afghans have burned documents showing their ties to Canada and are fleeing from home to home.

Afghan women are also facing increasingly restrictions, such as the right to work and travel alone. The Taliban has proclaimed that public women outside the home must hide their faces, including TV newsreaders.

Laurin Oates, director of women's women in Afghanistan, said the situation was "deteriorated at so many levels", with many women supporting her family losing their jobs. rice field.

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She Afghans who helped Canadians who asked the government to extend a program designed to evacuate warned that once the spot was filled, many with no escape could lose hope.

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"18,000 is not fulfilling its obligations and thinks the program needs to be extended, that is, Spot Means to add, "she said.

Mr. Strickland said the government "has received hundreds of thousands of contacts from people who have been interested in coming to Canada since the fall of Kabul."

"Unfortunately, this is far more than we can bring to Canada," she said.

"Unfortunately, not everyone who is interested in coming to Canada is eligible for a special program in Afghanistan," she added.

"Our commitment to bring at least 40,000 vulnerable Afghans to Canada remains unwavering and remains one of the largest programs in the world."

She said, "If Afghans not included in the 40,000 figure are still interested in immigrants, we recommend applying through other immigration streams provided by the Government of Canada." Said.

The Conservative Party called for an extension of the Afghanistan program.

Conservative immigration critic Jaslaj Singh Haran said the immigration bureau was still from Afghans working in the Canadian Army for an application filed shortly after the Taliban took control. He said he had received a message from him that he had not received a reply.

She said, "Less than 7,000 Afghanistan who supported the Government of Canada actually arrived in Canada as the first anniversary of the collapse of Afghanistan is approaching and the temporary program underway is due to end. I did. "

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This report by Canadian Press was first published on June 23, 2022.

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